Pokémon Go’s much-maligned Mega Evolution function has actually been altered once again – a little – to make it less expensive for fans.

Mega Evolving a Pokémon will now see it being in its souped-up type for 8 hours, designer Niantic has announced, double the previous length of time.

Additionally, the quantity of Mega Energy you can now gather has actually been increased from 999 to 2000 for each Pokémon types.

Mega Gengar is beside release.

The next Mega Pokémon due for release is Mega Gengar, in the nick of time for Halloween. In another statement last night, Niantic said it would start letting gamers gather Mega Energy for that by finishing jobs in a Ghost-themed occasion next weekend.

It’s intriguing to see Niantic verify this approach for gathering Mega Energy initially prior to Mega Gengar is (most likely) presented into raids. Not just has Gengar formerly been the focus of numerous raid-focused occasions, however the swimming pool of raidable Mega Pokémon has actually grown big enough it has actually ended up being hard to discover the one you may require Mega Energy for (along with a group of individuals interested to fight the raid with you).

But gamers on top Pokémon Go fan reddit Silph Road state these modifications – the most recent of numerous tweaks – still do not go far enough. Since the function introduced, there has actually been criticism that any Mega Energy requirement is required to “lease” a Mega Evolution after it is at first opened.

As more Mega Pokémon go into the video game, gathering their private Mega Energies has actually ended up being a harder obstacle. Fans have actually required Mega Energy to be universal throughout types, or for the addition of a Rare Candy-like product for Mega Energy which lets you transform generic Mega Energy to the types you desire. It stays to be seen how future Mega Evolution releases will be dealt with.