The brand-new Pikmin video game from Nintendo and Pokémon Go designer Niantic has actually started a public test in Singapore, it was announced today.

Players in the area can download the app now by means of Google Play, and be the very first on the planet able to attempt it out.

Currently, the video game is still entitled “Pikmin App (Early Access)”, and gamers have actually been dissuaded from publishing images and gameplay video online.

Still, early gameplay information have actually emerged from fans sharing information of the video game’s Frequently Asked Question pages and, as anticipated, it seems like far more of a passive outside experience than Pokémon Go.

Walking creates Step Energy, which enables you to grow Pikmin from seedlings. You can then call them and feed them nectar to make them flower with various coloured flowers.

Exploring with Pikmin will let you discover fruit, which develops into nectar. It’ll likewise let flowered Pikmin leave routes of petals behind – which in turn motivates more seedlings to grow.

In other words, it seems like the more you walk your city, the more you’ll motivate more Pikmin to grow. You’ll likewise have the ability to send out Pikmin out on explorations to collect seedlings from locations you have actually strolled currently.

Nintendo’s marketing art work programs Pikmin following your steps.

Selecting to show flower routes with others will additionally enable you to reveal the paths you have actually strolled for the previous 5 days, in addition to your Mii-like avatar and Pikmin.

All 7 significant types of Pikmin consisting of in Nintendo’s series to date are anticipated to appear: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Rock and Winged. Costumed “Decor” variations of Pikmin will likewise appear in specific locations.

Last night, Niantic teased a set of Google Glass-design specifications which will run video games on its platform.