The Pokémon franchise has actually influenced some extremely remarkable fanart through the years, consisting of crossovers that were astonishing (for much better or even worse). The newest mashup brings the Vanguard into the fray with this charming crossover Destiny 2 Pokémon fanart.

Courtesy of the remarkably gifted @LostThingy, the Destiny Vanguard has actually formally ended up being cuter than ever in the past. Just take a look at that itty bitty Cayde-6 Pikachu slurpin’ those noodles like he wasn’t extremely killed in cold blood. Happier times…

I believe the Cayde adjustment is my individual favorite, however I never ever believed in my wildest dreams that I’d ever call Zavala “charming.” Yet, here we are. That’s the power of fanart. 

With a lot occurring with Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2, specifically worrying Zavala and his sticking around sorrow over Cayde-6’s death, the story surrounding Bungie’s area shooter continues to get darker and darker. Pair that with the inescapable Crow expose, and it appears like we remain in for a rocky roadway quickly. 

While that tale advances its course, the Pokémon puts a better spin on the Destiny follow up. It likewise comes at the best time with all of the New Pokémon Snap talk just recently, which is an extremely wholesome follow up to the Snap experience we liked back in 1999. 

If you’re a fan of Destiny, I extremely suggest having a look at this artist’s other work. In the meantime, I will secure these little cuties with my life. 

What do you consider this charming Destiny 2 Pokémon crossover fanart? What other franchises should this artist Pika-fy next? Sound off with those most popular of hot pocket beast takes in the remark area listed below!