At completion of Persona 5, we parted methods with a fantastic cast of characters we grew to enjoy throughout a 100-hour story. Last year’s Persona 5 Royal offered us a reason to review that very same experience with extra material, however fans desired a brand new journey. Persona 5 Strikers reunites the cast from the initial video game 6 months later on for a brand new journey throughout Japan. Even though it dramatically alters a couple of crucial elements of the experience, it still seems like a real, engaging extension of the video game that took RPG fans’ hearts almost 4 years back.

Many parts of the Persona 5 experience bring into Strikers; after hearing reports of individuals abusing their power, you manage the Phantom Thieves as you examine the accusations prior to leaping to the cognitive world of the Metaverse to penetrate their dungeon (which are called “prisons” this time around) and alter their hearts. Along the method, you hammer out lots of Shadows as you advance towards the leader of the dungeon for a climactic face-off. While understanding the initial video game’s story boosts the experience, it’s not a requirement to take pleasure in Strikers. The familiarity of this formula resembles a warm homecoming for those that did play Persona 5, once you begin battering opponents, it’s evident this is a various monster from the generally turn-based RPG series.

When it’s time to fight, Persona 5 Strikers modifications from a systematic dungeon-crawler to a full-blown action video game. The hack-and-slash design of battle from Musou video games like Dynasty Warriors is executed in small encounters; each Phantom Thief has heavy and light attacks you utilize in various mixes to carry out unique attacks with status impacts. I liked the mad and user-friendly action that originates from slashing through crowds of opponents and seeing them fly off the edge of Joker’s knife or Panther’s whip, however the battle includes additional depth utilizing the characters’ Personas.

At any point in a fight, you can summon a character’s Persona; the action stops briefly as you pick a spell to cast and the location it will impact. If you struck an opponent’s weak point, you open them up for a follow-up attack. If you struck them hard enough, you start an effective All-Out Attack, where the entire group catches the opponents simultaneously. The summoning system, when integrated with the busy battle and various ecological interactions, provides a smooth experience that empowers you to remove opponents in trendy and effective style. My preferred fights had me switching in between characters, rattling off various combinations, making use of weak points with their Personas, detonating explosive gadgets, dropping chandeliers, and providing destructive last blows to liquidate the program. A continuous stream of this action would be tiring, however Persona 5 Strikers does an excellent task of pacing the encounters out within the prisons.

Jails share numerous qualities with the palaces of Persona 5. They both exist in the Metaverse, have a ruler you’re attempting to beat to alter their habits in the real life, and have plenty of Shadows to remove. However, prisons don’t provide the imagination of the palace style. I valued the waypoint constantly informing me where to go, however when almost every prison is a point-A-to-point-B endeavor, I ultimately seemed like I was merely going through the movements to reach my location. One prison tries to blend the formula with a brief stealth area and courses with websites that discard you in other locations, however these modifications encounter more as half-hearted tricks that I was happy to see deserted after one look.

Each prison is ruled by a king, an effective person in the real-world who has actually discovered a method to take the desires of daily individuals to basically oppress them. Instead of succumbing to among the 7 fatal sins, emperors have actually had their hearts damaged by some kind of individual injury. I often had a hard time to have compassion with the characters when the time came for their change of mind, however when this narrative thread works, the story of Persona 5 Strikers provides some really touching series about how injury can alter an individual. These minutes are improved by the number of of them draw parallels to what a member of your group went through in the very first video game.


Catching up with numerous members of the Phantom Thieves was the aspect I was most ecstatic for in Persona 5 Strikers, and it provides for the many part. I liked discovering what they’ve depended on given that the very first video game and seeing them grow much more through this experience. However, I was dissatisfied to have actually restricted social-simulation chances. The social-link mechanics are no place to be discovered in Strikers. Instead, you have a bond system that lets you update the celebration. You can speak to the characters around the city and welcome a buddy of your picking to do particular activities throughout the story, however the discussions are normally irrelevant and underwhelming.

While not every diverse aspect comes together in addition to it carried out in Persona 5, I was more than pleased to go on another experience with the characters I established such bonds with back in 2017. The action might play out totally in a different way, however the heart of the series stays undamaged.