Are you prepared for another timeless video game fight royale? Couldn’t get enough of the frenzied absurdity and smooth control of Tetris 99? Today, Pac-Man 99 heads to Nintendo Switch Online, where you can fight it out with a lots of other gamers as you consume tasty deals with, evade ghosts, and scramble for those power pellets! It’s Pac-Man fight royale! Check out the trailer listed below to get a great take a look at how things work.

If you’ve never ever played Pac-Man previously, essentially you require to deftly steer in some tight areas while preventing unsafe ghosts. The ghosts will ruin you if they touch you. However, when you’ve chomped down on a power pellet, the tables turn, and you can consume the ghosts! In Pac-Man 99, when you crunch and chomp a ghost down on your board, it sends out the ghost to another gamer’s board as a “Jammer Pac-Man”, producing lots of player-vs-player interaction and dispute. 

These Jammer Pac-Man systems don’t eliminate you on touch like a routine ghost, however they do slow you down considerably if you encounter them, so it can be extremely tough to leave your basic pursuers if you get struck. Things can get truly wild in a rush with this element of the video game, so you’re going to wish to keep a tidy home as much as possible if you have any hope of making it through to be the last Pac-Man standing.

In addition, you can develop sleeping ghost trains in your own area, including extra ghosts that route behind your primary enemies. Then, when you get a power pellet, you can consume lots of, lots of ghosts rather of simply one, sending out a frustrating wave of Jammer Pac-Man opponents into opponent area! Not just that, however you have numerous powerups and targeting alternatives that you can utilize throughout the video game for some innovative method, enabling you to truly flaunt your Pac-Man ability. It’s hyper-fast, crazy Pac-action, and it’s set up to land today!

Are you going to attempt Pac-Man 99? What other timeless video game do you wish to see in a fight royale format? Let us understand in the remarks!