Plus, Kyōgisha Hanzo Skin up for grabs in brand-new occasion.

Overwatch’s brand-new free-for-all deathmatch map Kanezaka, whose action unfurls on the streets of Tokyo underneath the mist-shrouded heft of Shimada Castle, is now live.

Kanezaka mixes typically styled alleys with Tokyo’s more modern city sprawl, all brought to life through some splendidly abundant ecological information, varying from available dining establishments and games to a pottery workshop, and even an especially cosy looking feline café.

Back in December’s Kanezaka-focussed developer update, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan discussed the map is loaded with easter eggs, some teasing future Overwatch tradition and others just enjoyable things connecting to the advancement group. Kaplan kept in mind, for example, the abovementioned feline café consists of pictures of felines coming from employee.

Overwatch – Kanezaka trailer.

To mark Kanezaka’s arrival, Blizzard has actually introduced an unique limited-time “micro-event” ranging from today, 12th January, to 25th January. Known just as Kanezaka Challenge, it provides gamers a possibility to win the Kyōgisha Hanzo Skin, 7 special sprays, and a brand-new gamer icon.

Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge trailer.

The bulk of benefits can be made just by winning video games in Overwatch’s Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade modes – 3 wins protects the Pagoda icon, 6 webs the Yōkai spray, and 9 wins the skin. The staying 6 sprays are made by enjoying Twitch banners play Overwatch throughout the occasion, as in-depth on the official website.