While the current news that Overwatch 2 isn’t anticipated to release this year struck simply a bit earlier, BlizzConline offered gamers a peek behind the scenes to advancement and more. In a long discussion that you can have a look at online, crucial figures behind the video game walk gamers through a smattering of updates, consisting of 2 brand-new maps that are included in the follow up. Ready to head to Rome and New York? The Overwatch vision of New York is especially engaging, so I advise taking a look at the complete discussion at blizzcon.com

The co-op, gamer vs environment fare has actually gotten retouched a fair bit considering that we last saw it at Blizzcon 2019. Remember that? It was quite enjoyable, however they’re actually going through and taking a hand down the co-op play, highlighting difference in opponents, goals, and skill trees. Not just do the maps draw from various faction swimming pools to make certain you are fighting versus various and intriguing threats each time, but you can tackle them with an awesome arsenal as well.

Since the announcement last year, players haven’t stopped asking me what makes Overwatch 2 various than 1. There are a number of significant changes coming to the game, one of these is hero archetype philosophy. Tanks, for instance, are being looked at so that they can actually go into battles and brawl instead of being incentivized to stay back and shield.

“Overwatch players will tell you, well, what’s the right time for Reinhardt to use charge? And the answer is… don’t. And we’ve all had that feeling when we’re playing Overwatch and we watch our Reinhardt charging and we’re like, no, don’t do that,” says game director Jeff Kaplan. “And a lot of what’s going on with the sort of changes you know, trying more of this brawler role is well, what is this fantasy that players have? How do you make it right for players to swing the hammer instead of just hold the shield up? How can we create space for that to be the fun thing to do?”

The Overwatch cast is getting some new looks for the second outing too! It’s expected that plenty of new cosmetics are going to be available for the sequel.

Enemies have gotten some new skills and abilities that can keep even the most cohesive team on their toes, with mechanics that let them isolate and take down teammates that aren’t paying attention. Even if you’re playing on a map you know, the enemy sets, spawns, and special map objectives can all change, so that should add a good deal of replayability outside of the “campaign” style story missions. Junkrat can dual-wield grenade launchers, for example. Or you can make a Reaper sniper!

Stick with us into next week, when we’ll be publishing a complete interview with Jeff Kaplan!