Home News Outriders Inventory Bug Workaround, People Can Fly Details Next Steps

Outriders Inventory Bug Workaround, People Can Fly Details Next Steps

Outriders Inventory Bug Workaround, People Can Fly Details Next Steps

Outriders is offered now, and while server problems have actually ended up being a lot more steady given that launch, there is still a great deal of work that requires to be done. People Can Fly has actually been exceptionally transparent the whole method, understanding how discouraging these technical problems are for gamers. While the studio executed extra safeguards versus the stock wipes reported, People Can Fly is likewise using a workaround for those who might experience this bug. 

People Can Fly required to the video game’s Twitter feed to supply much more updates for gamers. “Earlier today, we used extra preventative steps onto our servers to defend against any stock wipes,” checks out the very first post from Sunday. “These are lowering the incident of this problem, however we are continuing to secure extra countermeasures.” 

The group likewise requests for gamers to report any brand-new stock bugs experienced after 5 a.m. Eastern after the very first wave of countermeasures were used: 

The studio has actually formerly guaranteed that the stock wipes were the greatest concern following the server status. Still, as work continues to get this repaired, the group did use a little (short-lived) option:

If a gamer notifications that their equipment is no longer in their stock, People Can Fly encourages them to require the video game to close and reboot it right away. Some have actually seen effective with this workaround, however it’s not 100% ensured. Until then, PCF continues to deal with a repair and getting individuals’s lost products brought back in their stock. They are even using a gratitude bundle as an extra “thank you” for the neighborhood’s persistence. 

I was lucky with my time in-game. Outside of launch day server problems, which was completely discussed here, I didn’t face any bugs or problems while in Enoch. Because of that, I took pleasure in every minute I invested in the looter shooter from the studio that provided us Gears of War: Judgement and Bulletstorm. For those interested, you can read our complete evaluation here, with a little excerpt listed below: 

“Outriders isn’t innovative, and it’s not attempting to be. Outriders is a well-thought-out shooter with skillfully customized RPG twists. It’s a pleasurable trip that is made considerably much better by having fun with buddies however not naturally injured by running solo either. This video game takes the very best parts from other looter-shooters and the very best elements of sci-fi RPGs and blends these components into an experience that deserves diving into due to the fact that of its high replayability, personalized play design, and enjoyable story. I’m currently strapping in for another run. “

The problems are discouraging, to state the least, however it deserves keeping in mind the remarkable levels of interaction the group is doing to guarantee gamers know what’s going on every action of the method. So much so that the neighborhood lead didn’t even log off until after 3 a.m. throughout Easter weekend, making sure that gamers were as notified as possible as the dev group continues to deal with optimization. 


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