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Our best assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG and LMG weapon recommendations • GamingOverpowered.com

Our best assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG and LMG weapon recommendations • GamingOverpowered.com

Learning the finest weapons in Warzone is hard with an ever-shifting meta and the intro of weapons from brand-new Call of Duty video games – such as Cold War: Black Ops in late 2020 – shocking the lineup.

There’s a substantial variety of Warzone weapons now offered, and though every has their favourites, there are certainly winners and losers amongst the list.

Choosing the best weapon can offer you a substantial benefit over other gamers, and if you then discover to manage their recoil and offset their tricks, then you’ll be unstoppable.

We’ve been out there in Verdansk tampering whatever we might get our hands on, permitting us to provide the finest weapons in Warzone, classification by classification.

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What are the very best brand-new weapons in Warzone after the Season 3 upgrade?

It utilized to be that you might simply visit our list of the very best weapons in Modern Warfare to likewise discover what’s the very best in Warzone, however times have actually altered. Warzone has actually become its own monster at this moment, and Season 3 has actually dropped the existence of Modern Warfare weapons totally as loot (do not stress, your loadouts still count!).

The upgrade in December 2020, which reset the Season count in Warzone back to 1, marked a brand-new structure for Warzone with a selection of additions and brand-new weapon classes. Then, Season 2 Reloaded existed all the method from late February to April. And now Season 3 has actually formally kicked things off with numerous balance updates and brand-new weapons.

The routine Verdansk map got obliterated at the end of Season 2, and gamers were teleported back to 1984. This brought a brand-new gulag along with numerous brand-new sights, consisting of under-the-map areas being utilized by cheaters (thankfully, gamers have actually currently presumed the job of searching them down).

As gamers continue discovering brand-new tricks and camping areas, weapons are currently rather various compared to the previous season. The FFAR 1 was especially nerfed, seeing its damage, variety, and ADS speed reduced. But the AK-47 has actually acquired appeal once again after a recoil upgrade. The Groza, AUG, and M16 all saw tweaks also, however the latter is still rather effective, with the Bullfrog taking the SMG classification by a stride. In addition, the PPSh 41 and Swiss K31 are the most recent to sign up with the lineup.

As normal, we suggest gearing up Overkill so you can bring 2 main weapons at the same time to make the most out of your fight royale explorations.

Best Assault Rifle in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: AK-47 (Cold War)
How to open the AK-47: Reach Character Level 7 (in Black Ops: Cold War or Warzone)


Despite the nerfs throughout April, the FFAR 1 was our preferred option for the previous season. Sadly, it was just a matter of time till we saw even more modifies to it, reducing its appeal substantially. But the bright side is that the AK-47 has actually restored its location.

It constantly brought a low time to eliminate thanks to its damage, signed up with by a fast ADS time and good variety for both mid to cross country targets. A current upgrade has actually repaired its recoil making it much less irregular, that makes this not simply a practical, however rather more suitable option in this weapon classification.

We suggest including an optic as quickly as possible, along with increasing its publication size to maximize it.

Best Sniper Rifle in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: HDR
How to open the HDR: Reach Character Level 11 (in Modern Warfare or Warzone)


Sniper Rifles are still at their finest when you just need to land one shot, a minimum of in our viewpoint. While the AX-50 utilized to be our preferred throughout Season 1, the HDR has actually become our go-to choice.

If bullet drop tends to be a concern for you, do not worry, given that the HDR is especially proficient at landing long-range shots without needing to invest valuable time mapping the range in your head.

In the worst case situation, stopping working a headshot will wipe out the other gamer’s armor and offer a fair bit of damage at the same time, which sets the HDR as a terrific alternative among the rest.

Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: KAR98K
How to open the KAR98K: Reach Character Level 33 (in Modern Warfare or Warzone)


The Marksman Rifles can typically wind up feeling a bit like a diet plan Sniper Rifle, however thanks to continuous tweaks throughout Warzone’s presence the KAR87K can nearly match them. Even now in Season 2, the weapon hasn’t gotten any nerfs, so it still maintains the exact same variety, damage, and precision from the very first Season, along with its movement.

We extremely suggest choosing this if you’re utilized to Sniper Rifles, given that this weapon works best when you’re going for headshots. Its most significant benefit boils down to its ADS speed (objective down sight), which is unequaled compared to Snipers.

Best Tactical Rifle in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: M16
How to open the M16: Reach Character Level 10 (in Black Ops: Cold War or Warzone)


The AUG kept its location throughout the majority of the period of Season 2, however the Season 3 balance spot increased its time in between bursts by 33 percent, along with reducing its neck damage multiplier. The M16, whilst likewise impacted by comparable modifications, does not see an extreme modification in the battleground.

The time in between bursts was just increased by 10 percent in contrast, and it stays very quickly still. Paired with its brief time to eliminate, the M16 is the very best tactical rifle throughout the start of the season. Just make certain to increase its publication capability and concentrate on accessories that reduce its general ADS time and sprint speed to even more boost its qualities.

If you wish to get the most out of the weapon, our finest M16 loadout suggestion can assist.

Best Shotgun in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: JAK-12
How to open the JAK-12: Get 3 Hipfire Kills utilizing Shotguns in 7 various matches


Shotguns have actually been all over the location in regards to choice for Warzone. The Gallo was a reputable alternative in the previous season, however it can’t rather compare to the Streetsweeper and the JAK-12. Amongst these 2, we constantly go with the deadly Hipfire of the JAK.

If you ask us, shotguns in Warzone are at their finest when you do not need to stress over intending down the sight to land a headshot, specifically when you need to stop mid-sprint to safeguard yourself.

Of course, it would be smart to match this weapon with the lc10 or the aug, simply to cover various bases depending upon the scenario.

But when it pertains to close quarter encounters, this is the one for you.

Best SMG in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: Bullfrog
How to open the Bullfrog: Reach Character Level 43


This weapon classification stays as popular as ever, which implies that the meta is constantly altering due to continuous modifications. The MAC-10 has actually seen a reduction in optimum damage, increasing the time to eliminate approximately about 10% according to designer Raven.

Our previous preferred, the LC10, acquired more bullet speed and has actually been exempt from nerfs for the time being. But in the middle of the 2 emerges the Bullfrog, which you’ll discover rather regularly in Warzone.

Assault rifles such as the AK-47 may be dominant in their classification, however this specific SMG works as a jack of all trades. ADS time is lighting quickly, and whilst reload time can be a bit sluggish, you truly will not need to stress excessive thanks to the brief time to eliminate and publication capability. When paired with the best accessories, it ends up being a strong option all around, making it the very best SMG to choose in the existing meta.

If you wish to get the most out of the weapon, our finest Bullfrog loadout suggestion can assist.

Best LMG in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: Bruen Mk9
How to open the Bruen Mk9: Get 3 Kills when the opponent is near smoke utilizing an LMG in 15 various matches


Light gatling gun aren’t precisely the most popular option when it pertains to the existing meta, however that does not suggest you must prevent them. On the contrary, if you do not mind the lower motion speed, the quantity of bullets per clip is still an afraid benefit to have.

The Bruen Mk9 has actually been the very best in all relates to throughout our playtime. It brings whatever we enjoy from LMGs however with included movement and a far much better precision than we’re utilized to.

Mods can assist to enhance this both with the Mk9 and others in the classification, however having actually a set benefit from the outset makes this an unsurpassable alternative.

Best Launcher in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: JOKR
How to open the JOKR: Reach Character Level 35 (in Modern Warfare or Warzone)


The JOKR is proficient at something, which’s eliminating automobiles. That makes it ideal for removing killstreak benefits or anything else that’s ridiculous enough to be armoured.

What’s much better is that the lock-on function is remarkable, and if you have actually got something in your sights and choose to fire this at them then they’re most likely decreasing at that point. It’s not an extremely subtle weapon, however often you must yell about what you’re proficient at.

Best Melee weapon in Warzone suggestion

Best weapon suggestion: Dual Kodachi
How to open the Dual Kodachi: Using the Knife, get 3 eliminates while behind the opponent in 15 matches (in Modern Warfare or Warzone)


Don’t utilize melee weapons in Warzone; there’s a factor individuals state never ever leading bring a knife to a gunfight. Although, you’re bringing 2 knives, and they’ve got a much better variety than the regular knife, so possibly it’ll in fact assist your opportunities?

While we do not suggest utilizing melee weapons in Warzone, often you can’t assist it. We’re a huge fan of the Dual Kodachi since of the reach, however likewise since it makes us seem like ninjas, and ninjas are cool.


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