Kneel prior to the Goddess of the Sun, since Okami is formally attacking the world of Teppen with the brand-new The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni growth that is offered now. 

The most recent DLC for Teppen introcudes brand-new Okami-motivated cards, capabilities, skins, tribues, and the arrival of Amaterasu herself. Check out what’s brand-new in the expose trailer listed below: 

The Sengoku Basara and Okami series are both now totally shown on the planet of Teppen including noteworthy characters from both franchises, consisting of: 

  • Wood Sprite Sakuya 
  • The Sun Goddess herself, Amaterasu 
  • Divine Spear Yukimura
  • Oshu Lord Date Masamune

The arrival of 2 brand-new people likewise features the brand-new growth with Kami and Spirit, in addition to the most recent capability to sign up with the fray: Crush. Crush enables gamers to harness their inner Goddess in order to administer enormous quantities of damage while deflecting counter damage. 

The Celestal Plains is plentiful and uses 3 brand-new Hero Arts: 

  • Great Divine Intervention grants +2 HP to all friendly systems and 3 damage to all opponent systems. Using her powers as a protector divine being, any opponent systems that are damaged will not set off Death capabilities, and will be eliminated from the video game
  • Thunder Edge provides <Agility> and +1 Attack to a friendly system
  • Celestial Envoy’s Miracle provides +1 Attack to all friendly Red systems to help you in your battle to release the lands from evil’s hold

Like all things, peace can’t last permanently as the wrathful snake god Orochi returns together with the atrocious king, Nobunaga Oda. As the world is when again covered by darkness, Amaterasu responds to the prayers of individuals while summoning other spears of light to repel these enemies. 

The most current growth is a fantastic addition to the world of Teppen, mixing 2 series that have actually been kept in high regard in the video gaming neighborhood for rather a long time. 

Are you delighted to get some more Okami action with the most recent Teppen growth? Sound off with your ideas in the remark area listed below about what’s brand-new!