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Oddworld: Soulstorm Review – A Bad Batch Of Brew

Oddworld: Soulstorm Review – A Bad Batch Of Brew

Playing Oddworld: Soulstorm is as tough as Abe’s mission to free his Mudoken brethren from slavery. Each action is a supreme test of perseverance as you systematically direct your fans through tough risks, sweating over the reality that a person fault might decipher all your effort. If you delight in bearing with that old-school difficulty, you may enjoy this journey. However, if you’re a newbie or a fan that thinks this design of platformer hasn’t aged extremely well, reverse now. Soulstorm doesn’t do enough to improve the series’ tiresome gameplay, and a list of serious technical missteps ruin Abe’s tried return. 

A reimagining of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, Soulstorm’s gameplay stays mainly the very same: you hire and direct fans through 2D platforming phases cluttered with risks. As lovely as the traditional Oddworld video games are, they can be frustratingly challenging which hasn’t altered much in Soulstorm. Most Slig opponents and other risks cut Abe down immediately, and I was irritated by how little wiggle space I needed to remedy course when things went sideways. Abe drops so quick that it makes the health meter look like a vicious tease. While playing Soulstorm, I frequently seemed like I was strolling on eggshells due to the fact that of that high cost of failure, backtracking every action, re-recruiting every Mudokon, and thoroughly directing them through an onslaught of opponents is soul-crushing when all of it breaks down in seconds. Dying to unforeseen hazards, like being unexpectedly assassinated by off-screen opponents, feels inexpensive and takes place method frequently.

A crafting system works as Soulstorm’s most significant addition, however it doesn’t feel essential. You should consistently collect the very same components whenever you pass away (by browsing lockers, wastebasket, and fallen opponents), which used me down in a rush after consistently replaying specific areas. The crafted tools themselves, like distance mines, smoke screens, even a weapon, do include an invited aspect of versatility and improvisation to gameplay. Dropping smoke screens to develop concealing areas anywhere is great, however I wanted I didn’t need to make these products myself and wearied of digging around the very same areas over and over.  

Even when Soulstorm’s problem alleviates up, the gameplay is boring. The action feels mainly the very same from previous video games in the series, which formula doesn’t develop substantially beyond the very first couple of hours. Even the more fascinating series, like dealing with down a huge mech aboard a speeding train, are far too penalizing to be enjoyable. I’m pleased that Abe manages much better now (he even has a double dive), however the controls still have a mushy unresponsiveness that makes amusing actions, like having Sligs, seem like a trouble. The controls likewise result in extra deaths due to the fact that Abe doesn’t serve as promptly as you require him to, specifically throughout the uncomfortable, excessively requiring battle arenas that pit you versus waves of baddies while you attempt to secure running away Mudokens.

Soulstorm would be a difficult suggestion for anybody beyond diehard fans if it carried out perfectly, however I experienced numerous progress-sabotaging bugs (even after setting up the huge day-one spot) that must frighten even those gamers. When I passed away, Mudokens in some cases stopped working to respawn along with me although my tally suggested they were still alive and under my command. That implied I lost on kipping down fans that I’d invested ages attempting to securely free, which adversely impacted my total quarma – an important metric in figuring out which of the 4 endings you get. 

Abe sometimes gets stuck in ecological geometry, requiring a reboot. At one point, I fell under an unlimited loop. One escape website completely disappeared when I reached it, requiring me to desert fans. A weapon in a late-game turret series stopped working to shoot in spite of working fine in previous sections. After several restarts, I arbitrarily found that clicking the ideal stick “repaired” the weapon for some factor, permitting it to fire. I invested over an hour attempting to lead a big group of fans through an especially tough location, once I opened the exit door an undetectable wall avoided me from progressing. I was required to reboot this whole, prolonged series two times prior to the exit worked correctly. Soulstorm’s gameplay pressed my perseverance to its limitations, however these bugs sent me over the edge and made me worried whenever I began a brand-new level. “What on Earth is going to screw me over this time?” I routinely asked myself.

Soulstorm’s faults are a pity due to the fact that its story and discussion brought a smile to my face. Abe and his buddies are silly, wonderful underdogs I couldn’t assist however root for. The enjoyable story is packed with heart, and the cutscenes look great. I wanted to welcome Abe into a new generation of gaming with open arms, however Soulstorm stops working to make a case for why its brand name of cinematic platforming works today. In reality, Soulstorm just declared that Abe’s previous experiences are best seen with rose-colored glasses.


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