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Nier Replicant Review – New Blood, Old Veins

Nier Replicant Review – New Blood, Old Veins

Nier Replicant’s bleak world is over a years old (the original Nier launched in 2010), and yet its morbid commentary on human frailty still resonates. This bittersweet story is supported by improved character designs, pleasing hack-and-slash mechanics, and a haunting soundtrack that spins a fascinating tale of its own. At the very same time, out-of-date functions that made the initial video game tiresome to play stay present, which’s because Nier Replicant is neither remake nor remaster of that 2010 title. Creative director Yoko Taro chooses the term “variation upgrade,” and this name fits completely – for much better and for even worse.

Fans will right away see Nier: Automata’s impact; Replicant’s fight is easy and fancy. A brand-new lock-on video camera makes parries and incredibly elusive maneuvers a lot easier to carry out, however heavy and light attacks stay your support. Chaining combinations with a variety of various weapons or performing incapacitated opponents become the fastest methods to win engagements. Fancy animations, like midair twirls and slow-motion ground slams, made the melee action feel interesting enough for me to actively look for clusters of foes of my own volition.


A collection of amazing magic really brings these barren battlegrounds to life. You can gear up 2 capabilities at any provided time, so experimentation is crucial. I normally paired Dark Whirlwind – which conjures spinning, crimson blades to deal AoE damage – with Dark Blast’s rapid-fire bullets so I might constantly remain on the offensive. You can likewise offer commands to your buddies, however besides straight-out purchasing them to disengage from time to time, I never ever discovered any modifications in their habits.

You require these magical powers to make it through since the world is passing away. Small settlements dot the countryside where umbral beasts called “tones” rove in packs. What’s more, a strange illness is gradually gnawing last vestiges of civilization. The withering state of humankind is even more individual for you than anybody else: Yonah, your little sis, is gradually catching a pester called the Black Scrawl. Strange runes continue to spread out throughout her flesh as you venture into the wilds to discover a treatment. But you’re never ever alone. A drifting tome called Grimoire Weiss, a kind-hearted kid called Emil, and a foul-mouthed, scantily attired warrior called Kainé accompany you throughout the far reaches of the continent. Together, you brave rainy deserts, rush along the beaches of seaside towns, and search scary estates to conserve Yonah. Hard-striking story beats like generational injury and the cycle of hatred used awesome surprises that left me in psychological disarray on numerous celebrations.

I likewise enjoyed Nier Replicant’s eccentric cast, and this extends beyond the primary team. Conversations that you strike up with characters are stuffed with extensive, albeit campy, beliefs. Side objectives offer narrative taste to an otherwise dull video game world, however I want these jobs had more difference as the majority of total up to forgettable bring missions. Additionally, in contrast to your beautifully understood celebration members, all the NPCs are improperly textured. Because of this, the psychological stakes and resolutions of side objectives fail. It’s difficult to associate with a character when their facial functions are almost indiscernible.

Shades are the most typical opponent you come across throughout your journeys. They strike in mobs, however don’t be tricked by their numbers; they’re piece of cakes, conserve for the high-tier damage sponges that generate in the late video game. Shade attacks are substantially simple to prepare for and counter, making their continuous ambushes more frustrating than anything else. Boss battles, nevertheless, are enjoyable series that press your mechanical abilities to the limitation, requiring you to rapidly respond to a flurry of wonderful and physical attacks, frequently, at the very same time. Atmospheric choruses combined with the visual assortment of blood and sword-sparks makes each of these tense conflicts unforgettable.

It’s regrettable that reinforcing your devices to easily clear these fights is less satisfying. Combat mods, called Words, drop from killed tones and can be slotted into weapons or magic capabilities for long-term enthusiasts. You can likewise gather basic materials spread throughout each area and exchange them for upgrades. Both choices (specifically the latter) need hours of dull grinding, backtracking, and luck. At one point, I invested near to 5 hours in one area attempting to gather enough “Eagle Eggs” to level up my preferred one-handed sword and spear. Harsh random number generators prevail in RPGs, however Nier Replicant’s application produces an aggravating expedition loop.

Despite some outdated drawbacks, this “variation upgrade” is more than the amount of its parts. Novel style options like video camera and category shifts are as outstanding today as they were more than ten years earlier. Main characters are vibrant with their own intriguing backstories, and the plot is as delightfully ravaging as you’d anticipate. Nier Replicant may not transform gamers that were switched off by the initial or Automata, however there are ample quality-of-life updates and story-centric subtleties to keep long time fans and brand-new starts returning for subsequent playthroughs.


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