BioWare is teasing its newest Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream for the approaching 6.3 upgrade. With today’s little teaser ahead of the streaming occasion and fans can’t wait to see the extension of the Darth Malgus arc. 

The authorities Star Wars: The Old Republic Twitter account shared a little teaser video, geared up with legendary music and Malgus front and center. It likewise quite appear like we’re lastly getting the Dantooine Jedi Temple (which might be seen formerly however not checked out): 

Personally, I’m delighted to jet off to the Jedi Enclave to continue the Malgus story. This Sith Lord is an effective human born under the name Veradun and belonged to the empire throughout the time of the Great Galactic War and the Third Galactic War. He found his Force level of sensitivity and dark dispositions when he was a kid living with his adoptive dad. In his youth, he killed a Twi’lek and was then sent out to the Sith Academy to develop his abilities. After falling for another Twi’lek, a servant called Eleena, he ultimately dropped his birth name of Veradun and ended up being Darth Malgus. 

Given what we understand of his effect on the Jedi Order, brand-new material surrounding his arc in The Old Republic is amazing. It likewise didn’t take long in the past fellow gamers got a little too ecstatic and asked if Malgus will be a love alternative or not. I mean, this is BioWare we’re talking about. 

We’ll be learning soon enough what’s on the way because the Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream is going down on March 18 at 1:00 p.m. Central. Are you ecstatic to discover brand-new material? What are you intending to see the most? Sound off with those Sith-worthwhile takes in the remark area listed below.