Home News New Outriders patch aims to stamp out worrying inventory wipe bug • GamingOverpowered.com

New Outriders patch aims to stamp out worrying inventory wipe bug • GamingOverpowered.com

New Outriders patch aims to stamp out worrying inventory wipe bug • GamingOverpowered.com

Outriders has a brand-new spot created to take on the terrible stock clean bug.

The spot, out now on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and PlayStation platforms, addresses the bug that, given that the previous upgrade, triggered the stocks of specific gamers to be cleaned.

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There is no reference in today’s announcement of the Stadia variation, which drags the other variations in regards to spots.

As we reported today, Outriders’ stock clean bug has in some cases scrubbed almost 100 hours of financial investment into the video game from gamers.

On Thursday recently, designer People Can Fly stated it was dealing with repairs for gamers who were impacted by these stock wipes. But it’s this remediation strategy that has actually included additional tension to gamers who have actually invested a lot time into their character develops.

Players – especially those who have actually reached Outriders’ endgame – are investing a great deal of effort and time attempting to get products with “god rolls” that will press their character construct to ideal heights. In Outriders, weapons and armour drop with random mods of differing quality, and random stat classifications (benefit firepower, long variety damage etc). The “god roll grind” is among the chief pursuits of endgame gamers.

People Can Fly has stated its remediation strategy indicates “brought back products might not have the specific very same statistics as the lost products”. This declaration has actually horrified gamers who have actually put effort and time into the god roll grind.

People Can Fly stated its efforts to bring back products are a different procedure from today’s launched spot.

“Restoring the stock of impacted gamers is still our greatest top priority, while today’s spot is meant to avoid the problem from continuing to happen,” PCF stated.

“The remediation procedure is run through our server database and does not need a spot to be carried out. We will have news of this soon.”

Of note: with this brand-new spot, some gamers might periodically experience multiplayer connection concerns followed by stock products being briefly unnoticeable. This is a recognized and just “short-lived” behaviour, PCF firmly insisted, that belongs to its stock protecting steps.

“Restarting your video game or waiting a couple of minutes and after that rebooting your video game ought to make your products appear once again,” the designer included.

PCF stated it’s “positive” this spot will avoid stock wipes in the future, however it wishes to utilize the weekend to watch on things prior to moving onto the remediation procedure.

PCF likewise stated “we have actually likewise continued to take a look at methods of enhancing our remediation procedure”. Could that imply gamers will get products lost precisely as they were? Fingers crossed!


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