Mundaun observes a few of the very best, well-worn components of the scary category – a scary setting, a focus on stock management, and lots of puzzle-solving – and sketches them onto a living note pad for gamers to both appreciate and grimace at. Because of this, the video game doesn’t do excessive to separate it from its scary contemporaries nor does it completely reproduce the enjoyable of those mechanics. But like appreciating the draft of a still image, I discover myself delighting in the ended up item regardless of its rough edges. Mundaun acts as a reputable descent into insanity that offers its reasonable share of troubling minutes. 

The narrative takes gamers on a disturbing journey through a cursed variation of the real-life Swiss town of the very same name. As the grand son of a retired soldier, you go back to the little mountain town to find out the reason for your grandpa’s strange death and get more than you anticipated thanks to the existence of a sinister entity.

Much the experience is invested discovering secrets to open doors and resolving usually strong ecological puzzles. None of the barriers provide any genuine difficulty, and the video game strolls you through some goals, however they a minimum of can be found in various sizes and shapes. One puzzle jobs the gamer with developing the best signs on a series of wheels to open a gate while another has gamers striking hanging meat pieces to form the appropriate series of musical notes (in some way). Most issues merely include discovering the best tool for the best task however browsing the cumbersome stock menu is a discomfort. Saving development likewise needs a degree of childcare. The video game doesn’t auto-save as routinely as you’d anticipate, so, unless you’re by hand conserving routinely, you can quickly lose 15 to 20 minutes of development when you pass away, which can deter things. 

Mundaun’s setting acts as a semi-open center where gamers slowly make their method up the top of a mountain, either by foot or by driving a rather unwieldy hay-collecting truck. I delighted in checking out the charcoal tinted world and discovering lore-building notes and ideas. Mundaun likewise rewards comprehensive expedition with upgrades to its 3 character branches: health, gun-handling, and fear resistance. Things are usually great throughout the day, however checking out in the evening highlights a minimal choice of opponents that gamers can prevent or (ultimately) challenge. I advise staying with stealth as gunplay isn’t excellent and warding away spirits utilizing an unique lantern feels less reliable than it should. Thankfully, fight is totally optional; you can finish Mundaun without injuring a soul.

Mundaun’s pencil-drawn art design offers the video game a distinct and reliable visual identity. The experience is finest referred to as a scary sketchbook come to life, with rough charcoal strokes and scratches that look cool and provide Mundaun a spooky environment. Everything simply looks “off,” and I routinely discovered my hairs increasing when I gazed at a weird-looking face or weird picture for too long. The visuals are improved by the stilted animations, which really operate in the video game’s favor. These rough-drawn characters don’t appear like they were developed with fluidity in mind, so the choppy animation contributes to their “living art work” quality.


The forboding environment prospered in keeping me on edge; I just came across a number of huge dive terrifies, however they work due to the fact that they aren’t excessive used. I discovered the secret engaging enough to pull me forward, and the story is more uncomplicated than I anticipated. That isn’t always a bad thing; in some cases it’s simpler to value the weird minutes when you aren’t attempting to decipher a complicated secret. Players can steer the narrative to some degree with a small handful of choice-driven dialogue options during the game’s second half. They don’t hurt the narrative, but the choices are boilerplate and feel tacked on.

With a weird vibe, solid gameplay, and intriguing story, Mundaun is a good time even if it won’t blow away horror veterans. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking to experience a few good scares and to see its wicked art direction in motion. Much like its aesthetic, Mundaun winds up being a rough however respectable depiction of some of the best scary video games in the category.