Bishaten me trousers in anticipation.

Following its rather truncated look at last night’s Game Awards program, Capcom has actually dropped the complete variation of its terrific brand-new – and remarkably exposing – gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, which introduces on Switch in March next year.

This time around, we’re presented to Rise’s marshy brand-new Flooded Forest place – plainly greatly inspired be the Monster Hunter 3 location of the exact same name, although clearly shorn of its packing screens in Rise – which plays host to beasts both brand-new and old.

In the ‘brand-new’ classification are the sleep-inducing Somnacanth and the Bishaten, referred to as the “omnivorous trickster”, while returning beasts consist of the Royal Ludroth and Great Wroggi.

Monster Hunter Rise – Game Awards 2020 trailer.

Additionally, it appears my Monster-Hunter-associated dreams have lastly comes to life! Skip to the 2:10 mark in the trailer and listen out for that familiar holler – looks like the unmatched khezu is lastly returning in Rise after its destructive (to me a minimum of) lack in Monster Hunter World.

The entire thing continues to look absolutely wonderful, and Capcom has actually now validated that Switch owners will have the ability to get an early taste of Monster Hunter Rise in January, thanks to an unique limited-time demonstration. The complete video game, naturally, gets here on 26th March next year.