Subway system verified. 

Modern Warfare’s 6th season is set to introduce next week, and the next characters to sign up with the operator lineup are renowned project characters Farah Karim and Nikolai.

The news was revealed through the Call of Duty Twitter account, in a video proving Farah and Nikolai performing a stealth objective and threatening to lower Zakhaev. Crucially, the set leave in an underground train, all however verifying that the previously-leaked train system will be concerning Warzone. Modern Warzone notes you can likewise see Nikolai holding an AS Val attack rifle at the end of the trailer, hinting this weapon might quickly be included.

Technically speaking, we heard whispers that Farah would become included as an operator as far back as November 2019 – and to be reasonable, as a main character in the project, it was constantly most likely she’d be included. Still, it’s great to lastly get verification that she’s heading to the video game quite quickly.

As for the rest of Season 6, precisely what Infinity Ward has in shop for us stays a secret, however some are hypothesizing that the nuke revealed throughout the Black Ops Cold War expose occasion will lastly go off – while it’s most likely there will be be additional tie-ins with the upcoming Black Ops title. We will not need to wait a lot longer to lastly discover, as Season 6 launches on 29th September.