Apex Legends is still going strong. A brand-new “Stories From The Outlands” trailer puts the spotlight on the next legend: Dr. Mary Somers or, as she’s understood in the Apex video games: Horizon.

Horizon utilized to be among the galaxy’s leading energy researchers. Tasked with avoiding a energy crisis on her house plant of Olympus, she was sent out on an objective to discover energy crystals – a crucial to avoiding disaster. Before Horizon left, she assured her boy that she would go back to him, secure. However, she was eventually betrayed and deserted in the far reaches of area. Horizon makes it through with the aid of the energy crystals that she gathered on the objective, however she returns house far too late: 87 years have actually passed and her house world of Olympus was never ever conserved. 

Horizon’s capabilities have actually not been revealed, however if formerly launched legends are any sign, she will likely alter the competitive meta in some method. We’ll learn more about her in addition to how Season 7 will build on or entirely modification Season 6 updates on November 4.