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May 2021 time and date, plus all previous Community Day Pokmon and moves listed • GamingOverpowered.com

May 2021 time and date, plus all previous Community Day Pokmon and moves listed • GamingOverpowered.com

The Pokémon Go Community Day is a returning, regular monthly occasion highlighting a particular Pokémon that motivates gamers to go out and play together worldwide.

Each occasion will see increased generates of the Pokémon for a restricted time, and provide an unique Community Day relocation for their last development – and a number of other benefits you can make the most of throughout the occasion itself.

This page includes not just the next Community Day date and time and highlighted Pokémon, however likewise a Community Day list of all previous occasions and their particular unique relocations.

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Community Days are a terrific chance to rob and trade with others – at a accountable and safe range, obviously.

What is Community Day in Pokémon Go?

Community Day happens on one weekend day monthly and lasts an overall of 6 hours.

As well as increasing generates of the highlighted Pokémon, there are benefits throughout that amount of time – such as double XP, Stardust or Lure Modules – as extra rewards to go out there and playing, consisting of the highlighted Pokémon having actually an increased possibility of being glossy, and the capability to reach the highlighted Pokémon’s development a special relocation.

It’s a terrific method to get resources and an uncommon variation of the highlighted Pokémon, however it’s as the name recommends, is a terrific method to coordinate with other gamers.

You might discover other Pokémon Go gamers will be out and about with you, which may make it much easier to co-ordinate finishing Raids or doing Trades, so keep that in mind throughout the duration.

Pokémon Go’s next Community Day: May times and date discussed

Here’s whatever you require to understand about May Community Day:

Featured Pokémon: Snivy

Date: Saturday, 15th May

Time: 11am to 5pm regional time

Bonus 1: Eggs positioned in an Incubator throughout the occasion will have a quarter of their set range

Bonus 2: Incense utilized throughout the occasion will last 3 hours

Exclusive Moves: Moonblast (Altaria)

How helpful is this Community Day?

There are 2 primary draws for this Community Day, aside from the hatch range reward, and the very first is for gamers who have not handled to include Altaria to their Pokédex yet. This day is the perfect time to catch as many Swablu as possible, using any Pinap Berries you have to collect the 400 Swablu Candy for the evolution.

The other advantage is the possibility of training a strong Altaria for the Great League. You, of course, have to ensure the Altaria’s CP doesn’t exceed 1500, but, thanks to the exclusive move, any Swablu you involve during this Community Day has the chance of being a powerful contender. Just make sure you collect enough candy for the evolution!


How to prepare for Pokémon Go Community Day

First of all, the secret allure of Community Day is the introduction of a shiny version of the highlighted Pokémon, which will have a boosted rate during the event. That, combined with the increased spawns, makes it easy to get a a handful of shinies across the six hours.

Remember, unlike high IV Pokémon, shinies don’t appear in the same place for everyone like high-IV Pokémon – there’s a random chance of each one you encounter could be a shiny. If you’re struggling, try ‘shiny checking’, by tapping a Pokémon, then backing out without catching, then moving on to the next.

Second, there will be bonus Field Research. Community Days also have their own special Field Research tasks based on the specific Pokémon the day is highlighting. The rewards are usually just consumable items – Berries and the like – but it’s an additional thing to complete as you play.


Third, every Community Day offers 3-Hour Lures. This is the perfect day to catch as many Pokémon as physically possible, and with the increased spawn rate, increase your chances of finding a shiny.

The best way to take advantage of these bonuses is to find a set of PokéStops that are in quick walking distance or one another. You can then set up a Lure Module in one (or in multiple) and then walk between the PokéStops; taking advantage of the Lure and ensuring that you don’t run out of Poké Balls or Berries.

It’s also an ideal time to experiment with either a Glacial Lure, Mossy Lure or Magnetic Lure Modules. These special lures attract a specific type of Pokémon depending on your chosen Lure. If you wanted to catch Water or Ice Pokémon, for example, then you would use a Glacial Lure Module. These specialised Lure Modules cost 200 PokéCoins from the in-game shop..

There are also specific bonuses for each Community Day, from reduced hatching distance to increased Stardust and XP. Even without the bonuses, remember Community Day is an opportunity to catch a lot of creatures in a short space of time, useful if you want to get through the backlog of Eggs in your roster, or put on a Lucky Egg or Star Piece to increase your gains from catches.

Remember, if there is a deduced hatch rate, you only get bonus on Eggs you put into incubators during Community Day bonus hours. If you have an egg in an incubator before the event starts, it’s hatch distance still stay the same. Also, if you don’t hatch it before the event ends, it will stay that reduced distance until it does – so worth cramming one last one in before the event finishes!

Also before the event itself, it may also be worth stockpiling Pinap Berries and Great or Ultra Balls. The Pinaps will increase your Candy gains – useful for evolving and powering up after the event ends – and you can really burn through Poké Balls over the course of the event. If you run out, then spin PokéStops or complete the newly added Field Research that appears.

Finally, make sure you evolve the highlighted Pokémon to its third evolution to get an exclusive move. More of this in the following section…

The Season of Legends is here!

Current activities include the New Pokémon Snap Celebration event, which involves the Snapshot in the wild task.

We’ve also recently seen a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

Pokémon Go Community Day list: All exclusive moves list and how they work

Every featured Pokémon during a Community Day weekend will offer an exclusive move when evolved to its final evolution.

Not only are these exclusive to these weekends, but they are more often than not the best move their third evolution can offer, and can propel them up the meta.

You have 2 hours after the Community Day ends to evolve the Pokémon to get their move, so don’t worry about having to sort through your collection during the six hour window.

If you miss out on evolving the Pokémon once Community Day weekend is over to get the exclusive move, don’t panic – you can use an Elite TM, or wait until December, where a special weekend will give you another chance to capture and evolve that previous year’s Community Day Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Community Day unique relocations list:

Hope you delight in the next Community Day!


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