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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Officially Goes Gold

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Officially Goes Gold

Good news, Turian fans and N7 hopefuls alike! Mass Effect Legendary Edition has actually formally gone gold. The news was verified by task director Mac Walters, making sure that no hold-ups are on the horizon for the Mass Effect trilogy remaster slated for next month. 

Walters required to his Twitter account with a fitting GIF of Shepard and business partying it down throughout the Citadel pizza. Pop that dextro-friendly champagne and order that pizza from the Vorcha, since it’s time to board the Normandy once again and reveal the galaxy how it’s done: 

While the Legendary Edition is a remaster and not a remake, that does not indicate the little modifications can’t affect the video game in a thoughtful method. Not simply aesthetically either. The upcoming remaster consists of all of the previous DLC, making it simple for those that might have lost out on the amazing experiences of the Citadel DLC, Shadow Broker, Leviathan, therefore much more. 

As part of our cover story last month, we dove deep into what the Mass Effect Legendary Edition regarding use gamers. From Mako fine-tunes to character enhancements, there is a lot to anticipate for returning gamers. For newbies to the series, the capability to play the whole trilogy as it is indicated to be played (thanks to the consisted of DLC) is excellent method to leap right into the fray. 

To find out more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition, have a look at our unique video game center here. From no multiplayer to lost code that can never ever be recuperated, we asked everything. 


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