“We can’t thank you enough for your persistence and assistance.”

Marvel’s Avengers designer Crystal Dynamics has actually exposed the action video game’s next spot will deal with “over 1000 problems” that have actually been determined by fans and the video game’s neighborhood.

“Patch V1.3.0 is our very first significant spot considering that launch and addresses over 1000 problems you have actually assisted surface area these past 2 weeks, varying from numerous development stoppers to little visual repairs,” Square Enix stated in the update, which attends to issues on all variations of the video games: PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

“While the focus of this spot was dealing with bugs, future near-term spots will incorporate more quality-of-life changes and feedback-driven features/tuning. We can’t thank you enough for your persistence and assistance. Please keep it coming; you are assisting form the future of Marvel’s Avengers.”

The post then goes on to note a litany of issues, from those “little graphic repairs” to the “development stoppers” and whatever inbetween and likewise provides a variety of walkaround for other recognized problems that have yet to be remedied, consisting of issues with prizes on PS4. It likewise addresses interest in matchmaking and multiplayer, animation, UI, battle, and equipment, challenges, and rewards.

Marvel’s Avengers post-launch DLC characters will each have their own $10 battle pass. In a lengthy and complex post in which Square Enix details how the game manages equipment and cosmetics, the $10 passes – called Hero Challenge Cards – “allow players to earn Resources, Units, Credits, and Cosmetics for completing in-game difficulties”.

The premium Hero Challenge Card benefits have already been unlocked for the six starting heroes, something Square Enix says “prevent[s] content gating and guarantee that you and your friends can experience these exciting additions together”. However, to unlock all rewards for any new heroes introduced post-launch, players will have to unlock premium rewards for each one separately with 1,000 in-video game credits.

“As a live-service game, you can expect lots of tweaks and changes as the weeks morph into months, but having magpied so much from those kinds of games it’s left with little identity of its own,” I wrote in the GamingOverpowered Marvel’s Avengers review. “Despite the promise of its campaign, its endearing cast and impressive voice work, Marvel’s Avengers is an unoriginal and uninspired affair that falls sadly short of what it could have actually been – what it needs to have actually been.”