Out now on Steam and Xbox.

The Falconeer, designer Tomas Sala’s bird-based open-world air fight video game, is getting a complimentary brand-new piracy themed DLC upgrade today on PC and Xbox.

Amun’s Folly, as the upgrade recognized, broadens on The Falconeer’s amusing core – which plops gamers atop huge falcons to check out and dogfight their method throughout an aesthetically delicious map – by presenting richer piracy functions into the world.

By checking out the titular Amun’s Folly – a pirate settlement located on the back of a turtle – gamers can start objectives that intentionally improve their pirate infamy, removing trading vessels, taking loot, and assaulting Imperial and Mancer forts.

The Falconeer – Amun’s Folly DLC Trailer.

However, gamers that turn their hand to piracy will require to be careful of the Legendary Aces – elite fighters who take off on the similarity the Phoenix, magnificent ancient Pteron and the enormous Ormir drake. Pirates can handle the Legendary Aces as part of a brand-new mini story side mission, and there’s likewise a brand-new story objective for non-pirates, beginning at Castellus and including an attack on Atun’s Folly itself.

Those wanting to live out their bird-based pirate dreams can download Amun’s Folly on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S today, and Sala – who just recently talked to GamingOverpowered about his deal with The Falconeer – has actually likewise tesed another material growth for later on this year.

Known as The Edge of the World, it will present side missions and stories that even more expand The Falconeer’s world, taking gamers beyond the existing map to the periphery of civilisation.