The Oregon Trail was a preferred in computer system laboratories throughout the nation in the ’80s, however its story starts even further back. If you have fond memories of crossing rivers, going searching, and passing away of dysentery, then you will wish to take a look at a brand-new documentary about the origins of the traditional piece of instructional software application.

Created by MinnMax, the documentary is called Trailheads: The Oregon Trail’s Origins (YouTube). It includes interviews and anecdotes about the program’s production, in addition to fascinating context about the state of computer systems, innovation, and education in the ’70s.

At the start of the video, MinnMax creator (and previous Game Informer video manufacturer) Ben Hanson describes that the business is utilizing the documentary’s launch as a chance to hold a charity drive benefiting New Vision Foundation. To contribute, click here.

The Oregon Trail was the flagship title for MECC (Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation). For a wider take a look at The Oregon Trail and other video games you might keep in mind playing (like Lemonade Stand and Number Munchers), read our piece about the fluctuate of MECC including interviews with numerous workers from various periods of the business’s history.