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Customized functionCustomized function

About Upgrade:

1.Please do not update your controller if it works usually

2.The update needs a upgrade file, if you attempt to update the controller however without a upgrade file, the controller might can not being acknowledged by the console. If the controller can not be utilized due to the system compatibility problem etc., please let us understand and we will provide upgrade spot to update.

Programmable Function: The wired controller for Nintendo switch has 4 rear buttons, you can set L/ZL/-/D-pad buttons work to rear buttons of this switch delight pad, set R/ZR/A/B/X/Y/+ to ideal rear buttons of this switch delight pad, discover among your preferred crucial mix to get a much easier video gaming operation. (The programs function of the left and ideal joy pad are not interoperable)
Auto and Manual Turbo Function: The replacement for joycon controller nintendo switch support Auto and Manual Turbo, with this innovative function, you can set turbo function to L/ZL/-/D-pad or to R/ZR/A/B/X/Y/+, greatly reduces your fingers fatigued in some games that requires continuous pressing buttons. (The turbo function of the left and ideal delight pad buttons is not interoperable)
Ergonomic Design & Capture Button: The full-size alternatives for joycons nintendo change has bigger triggers, crucial design and structured rear grip which offer a more comfy grip when hold in hand. Apart from this, it has a screenshot or video capture button, you can share your terrific success minute with others quickly by the button, single press to screenshot, long press to video capture
What you get : 1 * Left Black Joy Pad, 1 * Right Black Joy Pad, 1 * 1 Upgrade Cable, 1 * User Manual. Please do not think twice to call us if you require any aid, we will be here to offer you with acceptable after-sale service.