Since its 2002 launching, the Kingdom Hearts series has actually taken gamers on an unforeseeable flight, including whatever from human reproductions to time travel. One thing has actually stayed consistent, though: Stellar music. Whether it’s the poignant character styles or heart-pumping fight tracks, author Yoko Shimomura has actually remained at the top of her video game, producing plans that have actually ended up being core to the series’ identity. Rhythm video game Melody of Memory is the supreme homage to this musical skill, using a huge brochure of over 140 tracks to relive. The outcome is evidence that moving the spotlight onto this element wasn’t baseless. While not without its faults, Melody of Memory is a rejuvenating method to recall at Kingdom Hearts’ long journey so far, and even provides fans simply enough breadcrumbs to expect what’s next.

Melody of Memory has no scarcity of tunes, and I am impressed by just how much material Square Enix has actually crammed in. Expect timeless tracks that have actually been essential to the series’ identity (like “Destiny Islands” and “Hand in Hand”) together with popular Disney standbys (like “Let It Go” and “Under the Sea”). Even signature tune like Utada Hikaru’s “Simple and Clean” and “Sanctuary” are offered. A rhythm video game is just as strong as its library, and Melody of Memory provides because department, supplying a fantastic tracklist that quickly carries you to specific minutes in time. I can’t play “Lazy Afternoons” without considering Roxas’ summer season getaway, or “Go for It!” without reliving all the insane competitions I handled at Olympus Coliseum. 

Don’t enter into Melody of Memory anticipating gameplay matching Square Enix’s popular Theatrhythm series. While there’s some motivation and nods to its artstyle in the filling screens, Melody of Memory is a 3D experience that tries to reproduce Kingdom Hearts’ trendy action fight in a rhythm video game shell. To perform attacks, you tap and hold buttons in time with the on-screen animations, chaining them for an even greater rating. It sounds standard, however the addition of a dive button to strike air-borne opponents or prevent inbound attacks includes more craze. You see your attacks link in genuine time with the opponents on screen, which indicates the lanes are jumbled, in some cases making it difficult to prepare ahead of time or see triggers. I liked the level of information in the opponent style, specifically having their visual compare with the world’s, however a lot is constantly going on. 


The primary mode, World Tour, is the very best method to open most of the tunes. As you total specific goals to open brand-new worlds, Kairi tells turning points in each video game, discussing the huge takeaways from the very first entry all the method approximately Kingdom Hearts III’s current Re Mind DLC. I was dissatisfied that Melody of Memory doesn’t have numerous brand-new scenes till the very end, however as quickly as I saw the last minutes, I had a brand-new enjoyment for the series. Similar to the end of Dream Drop Distance, the ending supplies ideas and context, and it likewise establishes where things are entering the future. It seems like an excellent benefit for decreasing memory lane. 

The other benefit with World Tour is employer fights, which were my preferred part of the mode as they take a more standard setup, clearing the attack of opponents on screen and challenging you with more holds and numerous button presses that figure out the power of your hits and if you evade inbound attacks. The little number of these employer fights is a huge disappointment, specifically because they’ve constantly been a substantial part of the series. Memory Dives function likewise, however rather of extreme fight series, you tap to the beat over scenes from particular worlds, however the hectic CGI can make it hard to follow triggers. For some factor, all the Kingdom Hearts III levels resemble this, which is frustrating, as it would have been cool to see fights play out with the more recent Heartless styles. 

Even after finishing the primary World Tour mode (which took me around 8 hours), I’m still opening tunes, going after hi-scores, and discovering brand-new methods to experience them through the sofa co-op and online versus mode. The just disadvantage with co-op is both gamers require to pick the exact same ability level, so if your partner isn’t at the exact same level, among you is left desiring. 

For those worried about trouble, not just is Melody of Memory among the simpler rhythm video games I’ve played, however it likewise has a lot of choices to customize the experience to your ability level. In reality, if there’s anything to knock at it, it might be that advanced gamers might not discover much of an obstacle, even in Proud mode. For those gamers, there is an online versus mode to take on versus the very best gamers, and it likewise includes additional obstacles, like permitting you and other gamers to utilize techniques that disappear opponents or put phony triggers on your challenger’s screen that they should neglect. 

I didn’t understand just how much Kingdom Hearts’ soundtrack has actually affected me till I played Melody of Memory. As a fan of the series, I’ve constantly applauded ball game, however something about really returning through different tracks and tapping to the beats on familiar backgrounds showcased simply how effective these tunes have actually been. Melody of Memory provides terrific music and lots of unlockables to keep you listening.