Suspicious alien spotted in brand-new discount video.

THQ Nordic’s Destroy All Humans! remake is currently 50% off on Steam, which, in itself, is just slightly worthwhile of note. However, a recently launched trailer promoting the mid-week discount rate is substantially more intriguing, apparently teasing the impending arrival – or a minimum of impending statement – of a remaster for Destroy All Humans! 2.

Shift your attention towards the trailer listed below and avoid to the 1 minute 15 mark, and you’ll see a strange thing. As the discount unwind, the video camera all of a sudden stumbles to the right, exposing that a 2nd Crypto’s been loitering close by the whole time. “Are you done yet, 137?”, the clone asks, prior to the initial replies, “Wait your turn, little tadpole, I’m just getting going”.

The most noteworthy aspect of this entire exchange, nevertheless, isn’t the discussion, however the clothing Crypto #2 is using – it’s the exact same one Crypto (or more properly, his clone, Cryptosporidium-138) wore in Pandemic Studios’ 2006 follow up Destroy All Humans! 2.

Destroy All Humans! – Midweek Madness Trailer.

The not unreasonable conclusion to draw from all this would be that THQ Nordic is poised to reveal a Destroy All Humans! 2 remaster performed in a comparable vein to in 2015’s outstanding spruce-up of the very first instalment – which, thanks to designer Black Forest Games, plopped an entire load of visual bells and whistles onto the cult-classic 2005 PS2 and Xbox initial.

And if you’re still not persuaded, IGN has a statement from Destroy All Humans! senior manufacturer Martin Kreuch, who composes, “We can’t describe it to ourselves who that other Furon clone is either. We’ve gotten in touch with all intelligence firms we understand and requested assistance – Majestic, the KGB, that person in a tinfoil hat outside our workplace shouting at a phone box every day…”.

“We believe we are onto something however,” Kreuch concludes, “and might have more intel to share quickly!”.