New Direct-design discussion revealed.

The Pokémon Company has actually revealed it’ll be sharing more details on Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass – most likely with a concentrate on the video game’s 2nd growth, The Crown Tundra – tomorrow, 29th October, throughout a recently revealed Direct-design discussion.

In a bout of mainly needless secret, The Pokemon Company guarantees that tomorrow’s broadcast, which begins at 2pm in the UK/6am PT, will include “updates for you about upcoming the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass”.

Given that a person half of that growth pass, The Isle of Armor, has actually been out given that June, it does not appear completely unreasonable to presume that, surprises aside, the huge bulk of tomorrow’s livestream will be concentrated on its 2nd element, The Crown Tundra.

So far, we understand The Crown Tundra will approve access to a 2nd, wintery brand-new location including its own story and over 100 brand-new and returning Pokémon, consisting of brand-new local variations and the psychic/grass famous, Calyrex. It likewise presents the Galarian Star Tournament and Dynamax Adventures mode, the latter allowing gamers to look into Pokémon Dens with pals to do fight and find famous Pokémon from previous generations.

Presumably, we’ll get a better take a look at some of the above throughout tomorrow’s broadcast, and I picture there’ll be news on a release date for The Crown Tundra too. Or it’ll simply be a close-up of Pikachu making pppfffffttthp sounds into the video camera for half an hour, I do not understand.