As anticipated, Alien: Isolation is the next totally free video game on the Epic Games Store.

Epic’s totally free Holiday Sale 2020 video games list dripped recently, and it’s all played out as precise up until now. The leakage stated Alien: Isolation would be today’s totally free video game which’s an affirmative, soldier.

Alien: Isolation is totally free to declare up until from now up until 4pm tomorrow, 23rd December, when if the leakage continues to show precise, Metro 2033 goes totally free.

Alien: Isolation, for the inexperienced, is a rather fantastic stealth scary video game from the designers at Creative Assembly. Dan Whitehead penned GamingOverpowered’s Alien: Isolation evaluation back in February 2015, calling it “a vibrant technique to the certified video game settles in this innovative piece of deep area horror”.

So! If you have not offered Alien: Isolation a shot, now’s a fun time.