For lots of, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a discovery. Nintendo wisely rethought old conventions and provided an experience that felt brand-new while applying to the spirit of the series. I put practically 200 hours into Nintendo’s open-world impressive, and after I’d put the controller down for the last time, I was starving for much more. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity provides that “much more” while we await the real follow up. It’s far from a discovery, however it is a sufficient diversion.

Like the initial Hyrule Warriors from 2014, Age of Calamity relies greatly on designer Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors formula. Link and his fellow Hyruleans drop into stretching battlegrounds and sculpt their method through armies of hundreds as they take control of opponent encampments and eventually turn the tide of war. The action is a bit dull, and I finished numerous battle encounters by spamming the standard attack button. Occasionally, I would toss a heavy attack in the mix simply to alter it up, however that was hardly ever required. 


Age of Calamity gets more fascinating once you experience a team leader. Unlike opponent grunts who fade to dust after 3 or 4 hits, leaders have health bars and need a bit more technique. Link is geared up with a Sheikah Slate that lets him release a series of Rune attacks comparable to Breath of the Wild. For example, you can freeze opponents with a tension capability, and after that slash at them with your sword. Alternatively, you can protect yourself from effective attacks with giant blocks of ice. These Rune powers shake-up Hyrule Warriors’ otherwise stagnant battle. Moreover, some opponents are specifically prone to Link’s Rune capabilities, so if you time your strikes, you can set them up for a fast surface. I specifically enjoyed tossing a bomb in an opponent’s face as they were ending up for a huge attack.  

Link is a well-rounded hero, however he is signed up with however some similarly capable allies. During your journey, you open extra playable characters, such as the Ninja-like Impa and all 4 Divine Beast champs included in Breath of the Wild. All of these heroes carry out mostly the very same, however they have a couple of unique capabilities that set them apart. I delighted in chaining together electrical attacks as Urbosa, and lobbing explosive portions of lava throughout the battleground as Daruk the Goron. On objectives where you have numerous heroes on the battleground, you can easily switch in between them and even provide commands to your allies. While I valued having the ability to inform my heroes where to direct their efforts, the video game does not use this function in a significant method. I never ever felt urged to consider hero positioning or technique, which seems like a missed out on chance. 

Between fights, Link and his team go back to a Sheikah tower where they exist with a map of Hyrule. This is the very same map from Breath of the Wild, which is a good touch. During this downtime, you can update your weapons, purchase products, or total side objectives. These missions are extremely easy – practically minor – and typically have you providing numerous resources to individuals throughout Hyrule. Completing these missions isn’t really gratifying, however it opens brand-new stores and in some cases opens brand-new combinations for your characters so it feels worth taking a couple of additional minutes to clean them off the map. These side objectives use a required break from Hyrule Warriors’ action, however the objectives are so shallow they do not include anything notable. 

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity looks a lot like Breath of the Wild, however it does not have the expedition and puzzle-solving aspects that specify the mainline Legend of Zelda series. Age of Calamity might not look like a conventional Zelda video game, however it’s not a hard time. The action is repeated, however likewise unwinded and comfy. It trades on your love for Nintendo’s traditional franchise, and I mored than happy for the reason to go back to this variation of Hyrule. I still seem like I’m chasing Breath of the Wild’s high, and Age of Calamity is a little solace.