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How to farm World Tiers, plus level caps and Challenge Tiers explained • GamingOverpowered.com

How to farm World Tiers, plus level caps and Challenge Tiers explained • GamingOverpowered.com

World Tiers in Outriders are a unique trouble system. Instead of basic simple, medium and difficult alternatives, Outriders utilizes a fascinating option that incentivizes gamers to ‘make’ greater problems and, in turn, improve equipment.

Coming to terms with how this system works will specify your time in Enoch, particularly as you make your method through the project.

After that, there are Challenge Tiers and… well, it gets made complex. Ultimately, these are systems with a great deal of wrinkles that you can video game for more effective development and even much better loot.

This page discusses World Tier benefits, how to farm World Tiers, and basic recommendations on where and how to invest your time utilizing these systems in the end video game.

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World Tiers in Outriders described: How to unlock World Tiers and World Tiers cap described

World Tiers are how Outriders specifies its trouble out in Enoch’s primary world. They are a vibrant system that’ll progress with you as your development through the project. They can be altered at any time in order to make your experience much easier or more difficult, offered you have actually opened a tier.

Instead of a more standard project trouble setting that you choose prior to beginning, Outriders rather begins you at World Tier 1.

To unlock World Tiers in Outriders, as you total encounters, you will acquire development along the leading bar of your UI. Once it reaches complete, you’ll open the next tier.

Each World Tier features increasing modifiers that will both assist and impede your course through Enoch. In short, World Tiers are connected to opponent levels, straight affecting the number above their head.

If you are levelling up your tiers much faster than you are levelling yourself, you will likely face substantial difficulties. Much like an MMO, facing a top-level encounter while underleveled will have the exact same result here. Being a couple levels underleveled is difficult however beatable. Being 10 is nearly impossible.

The bad news on that front is that Outriders will not only hinder however punish your progress if you find yourself failing repeatedly. If you die in an encounter you’ll lose progress on your World Tier bar, meaning that if you lose consecutively, you’ll see your bar begin to dwindle. This can become a problem on particularly hard encounters you can’t seem to beat.


The one saving grace here though is that once you have unlocked a World Tier, you can’t lose it. Your progress bar towards the next tier will be depleted, but you won’t lose any progress on the one below your current tier.

The World Tier cap in Outriders is 15. While People Can Fly have thus far been coy with their future plans for Outriders, it seems likely that any DLC or expansions would increase this tier as it is tied to character and item levels.

World Tier rewards and modifiers explained

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using higher World Tiers? For that, take a look at the World Tier screen which gives you exact numbers. When you select a world tier you will see a bunch of numbers telling you what to expect from the challenge and the rewards.

To demonstrate this, here are a bunch of of numbers for some of the World Tier thresholds:

World Tier Enemy Level Dropped Item Level Loot Rarity Modifier Legendary Drop Rate Modifier
1 -2 -2 0.8 0
5 2 2 1.4 2.15
10 7 7 2.5 3.45
15 12 12 5 4.25

Enemies will also become a little harder in numbers not shown here too. For example, on higher World Tiers, challenging enemies will spend more time frenzied and thus will not be affected by many crowd control or stun abilities.

As you can see, while World Tiers increase the level of enemies you will go up against, they also dictate the level and rarity of loot you get.

On World Tier 1 you will see a lot of Greens and Blues dropping from enemies and chests in the world, however as you approach World Tier 15, you will be getting almost exclusively purple and even Legendary gear.

Outriders World Tier farm suggestions: How to increase World Tiers fast

Now you know what World Tiers do for you, how can you quickly make your way through the ranks?

The most effective method is the most obvious – play through the campaign of the game. This will give you the most reliable experience on the most consistent basis. It’s a decently long road to see out the story of Outriders, so this is your first stop.

Once you complete the campaign, make sure you complete all the side-quests which will give you a whole bunch more experience too. The nice thing about all of this is that all side-quests are repeatable. You can even grind out the Hunter, Wanted and Historic quests which guarantee you a Legendary item when you complete all 10.

A specific, targeted Outriders farm you can do resides in the Forest Enclave area. There is a sidequest there called Predator to Prey. This is a relatively short monster battle, and while it can get a little difficult, if you can control the monsters, it will give you decent loot drops. This side-quest is repeatable too, so you can do it over and over again and quickly unlock World Tiers.


Inevitably you will hit a roadblock as your level falls further and further behind the demands of the World Tiers though. This is natural, and grinding though the last World Tiers will be made easier as you progress into the endgame.

However, once you reach said endgame, the question you should really be contendening with is, should you be trying to grind harder World Tiers at all? To which the answer is… kinda. To fully understand the value of World Tiers, it’s worth you understanding a little about the endgame. Let me introduce you to Expedition Challenge Tiers.

What are Challenge Tiers in Outriders, and how does it impact the level cap?

When you enter the endgame of Outriders, you will quickly realise that World Tiers are somewhat of a red herring. In the endgame, Expeditions operate on completely separate Challenge Tiers. This system once again operates all the way to a level of 15.

This effectively means that no matter what World Tier you finish the campaign at, it will have little bearing on your progression through the endgame.
You must grind through time-challenges to unlock higher tiers on this new tract, which will give you higher and higher loot.


While the character level maximum is 30, item levels can reach level 50 through Expeditions. You’ll have likely noticed that harder World Tiers also offer up this post-max character level gear, but just to a point.

World Tier 15 will drop loot all the way to level 42 if you are at a character level of 30. This does however mean that once you reach Expedition Challenge Tier 9, non-Expedition loot drops will always be lower than what you earn in Expeditions.

This means that once you’ve beaten the campaign, you’re likely going to be earning higher level loot much faster from the endgame content than you will doing anything else out in the world.

How to best approach World Tiers and Challenge Tiers in the endgame

So – how do you approach World Tiers and Challenge Tiers in Outriders? That depends on what you want to get out of World Tiers.

If you want to test yourself and find your skill ceiling, World Tiers are an engaging difficulty system that allow you to try and get better, at least before you hit the endgame.

However, if you just want the most effective method to development through the game’s story and into the endgame, there are some things to consider.

Outriders: Post-Campaign Content

If you just want the absolutely most efficient way to level up, you can level until you reach World Tier 8. This matches up with the highest level Expedition you can jump into once they open.

Expeditions are more reliable for grinding loot than replaying campaign content, so once they open, World Tier 8 loot will set you on a path where you can rise through the Expedition Challenge Tier solely by playing these endgame activities.

So are World Tiers useless? No. They provide a decent resource and will even out your play experience as you play through the endgame.

For example, if you played through the campaign to get to World Tier 8, got a little loot and then dropped it down to the first World Tier, your loot situation would be spotty at best. Due to world drops being affected, you will have a lot more loot to choose from if you play on higher Tiers.

Playing through the campaign on a mid World Tier will ensure you have a lot of choice and a more curated build by the time you reach Expeditions. If you proceed to play on World Tier 1, while you will fly through the campaign, you will reach the endgame with almost no usable gear.


The other major drawback is that your mod collection will be very small. Harder expeditions will require you to have exceptional builds and these will require a lot of mods. You are more likely to have a more complete collection if you have been getting a steady stream of purple loot, rather than blue.

Another nice perk of opening more challenging levels is that for every World Tier you unlock past 11, you will get a random Legendary weapon.

Finally, as Expeditions can get very tough, it can help fill holes in your mid-to-high level gear in the endgame. If you discover yourself stuck on a Challenge Tier before 9 and find that some of your items are lagging behind, you can re-enter the main world. Then you can grind out content at your highest World Tier to fill in gaps and get all of the gear in your character slots up to item level 42.

Hopefully, this knowledge should simply make World Tiers less frustrating. There are definite benefits to playing on higher Tiers you’re comfortable on, especially those in and around 7-10. It does also mean that there’s little reason to push beyond that.


Unless it is a personal challenge you enjoy, choose a middle level tier that works for you and stick with it. Don’t stress if you are stopping working to push past your current threshold.

It also means that if you do run into a particularly challenging part of the game and discover your development halting, there is minimal loss in dropping down a couple of levels in order to push past it.

Hopefully, now you have actually a better understanding of how this system works and the advantages you can get from utilizing it properly.

Once you realise it doesn’t ultimately factor into the endgame, the World Tier system becomes more of a ‘choose your own level of fun’ system. Getting your head around that will truly assist make your remain in Enoch a lot more enjoyable.


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