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How to complete the Week 9 challenge • GamingOverpowered.com

How to complete the Week 9 challenge • GamingOverpowered.com

How to get the ideal armour set for the task.

Destiny 2’s Suited for Combat is a weekly difficulty in Season of the Chosen.

Released on the weekly reset on April sixth, 2021 as part of the Week 9 set of difficulties, it jobs you with eliminates while using a total armour set.

Though this difficulty sounds easy, there are circumstances where gamers are seeing Suited for Combat not working.

If you have an interest in finishing difficulties from previous weeks in Season of the Chosen, we have explainers for the 3 Salvager’s Salvo difficulties and Gravel Scrawl.

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How to finish the Suited for Combat difficulty in Destiny 2

Released in Week 9, Suited for Combat works as follows:

“Defeat targets throughout the system with a complete armor set. Bonus development for beating Guardians.”

Though it sounds uncomplicated, numerous gamers have actually observed problems in seeing Suited for Combat working as meant.

This is since the description is a little deceptive. Though you require a complete armour set, it’s not any armour set, however particularly, the one launched along with Season of the Chosen.

This is the Praefectus set, which you can open by advancing through the season pass. Collect all 5 pieces for your class, then have them geared up as a total set. Now get eliminates while carrying out any activity.


In Season of the Chosen, you can handle the Presage mission and discover Captain’s Logs, get the Hammer of Proving and make Cabal Gold, assisting you increase your War Table track record.

There are likewise the typical brand-new additions to Exotics, a max level cap, along with the Aspect of Influence mission and brand-new pursuit weapon Salvager’s Salvo.

If you’re still overtaking Beyond Light, ensure you get

Salvation’s Grip, The Lament, Hawkmoon – which can be enhanced even more with the Harbinger mission – and Augment Triumphs.

As well as XP farm and Glimmer farm suggestions, aiming to the year ahead, we discuss whatever we understand about Destiny 2 crossplay and transmog.

Though there are farming techniques to speed this along – such as finishing activities like Altar of Sorrow and Blind Well, where there are lots of opponents offered – you will survive 400 eliminates faster than you believe by just playing the video game as regular.

Once you’re done, you’ll make an XP benefit – which assists increase your season pass level and power your seasonal artefact.


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