Price: $44.99
(since Jan 22,2021 23:25:11 UTC – Details)

Are you Looking for a set of Joy Con replacement?
This Joy Con pad is an inexpensive choice.

* Precise Joysticks – Accurate input without any hold-up, no wandering, absolutely no dead zone and high perceptiveness
* 6-Axis Somatosensory – Contains one accelerometer and one gyroscope in each controller for video game requirements
* Dual Shock – Built in dual-vibration motors. Let you clearly feel each hit, crash and surge (Notice: vibration might just be switched off when usage wirelessly)
* Screenshot & Home Button – Same function as the initial Joycon controller
* Two Ways of Recharge – Recharged in 2 hours, might either charge by console(with type c) or consisted of micro usb cable television

1. It is a 3rd celebration product.
2. No NFC (amiibo), console wakeup and Infrared Motion.
3. Do not fit with case/grip.
4. When console upgraded by Nintendo, controllers require to be upgraded by linking to PC.
5. Press “mode” as soon as and all lights go off

Need Extra Help?
If you fulfilled any issues or require technical assistance on upgrading, please do not think twice to call us. We are constantly there 24/7 and will provide you an action within 24 hr.

PERFECT REPLACEMENT FOR NINTENDO SWITCH JOY-CON CONTROLLERS – With the exact same button setup with Nintendo Switch Joycon and feels more comfy in hands due to the light-weight & ergonomic curved style. Can be utilized as 2 seperate cordless Switch controllers with complete set of buttons or connected both joypads to Switch console to play in portable mode. Note: No console infrad, nfc and wakeup red functions.
STEADY AND SIMPLE CONNECTION – Easy cordless connection to the Switch console and able to immediately reconnect next time you play. You can play in several methods, work as a complete controller or share one with your good friends, depending upon the video game.
SMOOTH VIDEO GAMES PLAY CONTROL – Built with responsive and clicky buttons, smooth and accurate thumbsticks and reputable D-pad. Also integrated motor and 6-axis gyroscope in each controller to support vibration and movement picking up. It Offers most functions that Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller has.
10 HOURS LONG PLAYTIME – Each cordless Switch Controller has 380mAh rechargeable battery life and assistance about 10 hours video game playing time and 20 hours for non vibration video gaming session. It takes 2 hours per charge and can be charged by both connecting to the console or though mirco usb cable television.
WHAT YOU WILL GET – Left and ideal controller, micro usb cable television, 2 wrist straps, user manuel, life time technical assistance. If you fulfilled any issues or require technical assistance on upgrading, please do not think twice to call us (Note: upgraded through PC just, please contact seller for upgrade firmware and most current chauffeur).