The last chapter in Agent 47’s worldwide journey of political intrigue, espionage, and assassination introduced to strong evaluations previously this year.  Despite the primary story ending, designer IO Interactive is launching a lot more content for gamers that are seeking to handle more objectives. The upcoming upgrade consists of brand-new weapons, evasive targets, escalation agreements, and —that’s right, you thought it — Easter bunny eggs. 

Hitman 3 March Roadmap

Escalation Contract

The Lesley Celebration is slated to be Hitman 3’s  next escalation agreement. Players should hound a variety of VIPs within the claustrophobic boundaries of a congested Berlin bar.  Similar to typical agreements that you can finish, escalation agreements normally need gamers to reduce the effects of an opponent while sticking to particular goals and constraints. These constraints enhance the stakes and obstacle of each objective (e.g., using a particular attire while getting rid of a target or utilizing a particular weapon throughout of the agreement). When the deed(s) has actually been done, the escalation agreement’s trouble will increase which can cause more nuanced playthroughs that can possibly consist of additional targets. 

The Lesley Celebration drops on March 4.

Additionally, on March 30, owners of the Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition will get to the Satu Mare Deluxe Escalation. The objective is influenced by Agent 47’s extremely first escape as gamers are charged with breaking out of  a big jail complex. Players can open a “Straight Jacket” outfit, the “Taunton Dart Gun,” and the “Straight Jacket Belt.”

Featured Contracts

Details surrounding the next highlighted agreements have actually been fairly limited, however based upon previous material they’re bound to be as exciting as Hitman 3’s default objectives. On March 11, the Chongqing Featured Contract by Easy Allies is set to release, and on March 25, the Mendoza Contact by GamingOverpowered will be readily available. 

Seasonal Event

From March 30  to April 12, The Berlin Egg Hunt will start. You’ll require to discover numerous eggs spread around an extensive Berlin place. Of course, there will be guards and so on patrolling the location; absolutely nothing’s ever simple, is it? Once the season occasion is finished, you’ll be offered the “Raver Outfit” so you can eliminate your other targets in design. 

Elusive Target

Head to the Isle of Sgàil on March 19 to start Hitman 3’s most current evasive target agreement. What makes evasive targets so exciting is the truth that gamers are just offered one chance to assassinate their target. If the target leaves, the objective is stopped working…for excellent. The Isle of Sgàil occasion  lasts for 10 days as gamers should search an upper class celebration on an island to establish the best kill. 

Finally, if you end up “The Final Test” objective at the ICA Facility , you’ll open “The Tactical Turtleneck” attire. This can be caught at any point throughout the month of March. If you’re still having problem with Hitman 3’s base material, read our guide on How To Find The Game’s Most Useful Disguises so you can bypass security, remove the VIP, and escape unharmed. Hitman 3 is readily available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and PC.