Oh yeah, the Monster Hunter motion picture! It’s “just in theatres” in December, obviously. We’ll see about that! And we’ll likewise see about this teaser trailer – the very first for the movie.

In the teaser Milla Jovovich and her system take on Diablos in a desert-like location. Jovovich and her system appear in problem – their army weapons are ineffective versus the monstrous monster. We see a peek of the soldiers played by TI Harris, Meagan Good and Diego Boneta, however there’s no indication of the Hunter, who’s played by Ong-Bak star Tony Jaa.

This is simply a teaser, however I’m getting Michael Bay Transformers vibes today. Something about the soldiers and their weapons in the desert battling a huge thing that’s difficult to make out advises me of the very first act of the very first Transformers motion picture.

The Monster Hunter motion picture is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who made all those guilty enjoyment Resident Evil films Jovovich starred in. Ron Perlman remains in it, too. He plays the Admiral, who leads the group of Hunters.

You’re not going to hunt numerous beasts like that, fella.

“Facing a risk so fantastic it might threaten to ruin their world, the brave warriors integrate their special capabilities to unite for the supreme face-off,” checks out the main blurb.

Yeah… I’ll reserve judgment till I’ve seen Tony Jaa in action.