Nintendo has actually finished up another of its Indie World displays, shooting out news of a fresh batch of titles – consisting of a variety of extremely welcome surprises – heading to Switch in the coming months. And for those of you whose attention was somewhere else, or who inadvertently had a 15-minute-long blink throughout the livestream, here’s whatever that was revealed.

Getting the ball rolling, designer Derek Yu’s seriously well-known below ground platform rogue-like Spelunky is heading to Switch! And so is its similarly popular follow up, with both video games presently arranged to get here in “summertime” 2021.

Spelunky 1&2 Switch trailer.

Fisti-Fluffs is a feline-focussed action-brawler that sees felines – some using ridiculous hats, others displaying family items as offending weapons – fighting to be crowned the world’s finest fighter, and it’ll be “initially on Switch” early next year.

Fisti-Fluffs trailer.

Very Very Valet, which pertains to Switch in early 2021 as a timed unique, signs up with an ever-increasing lineup of ordinary-jobs-turned-party-game, this one welcoming approximately 4 good friends to interact in order to get, park, and return automobiles in over 20 places.

Very Very Valet trailer.

Tunche – coming “initially on Switch” in March next year – is a hand-drawn hack-and-slash-style video game with rogue-like aspects that unfolds in a world motivated by the Amazon rain forest. It sees gamers, cast as one of 5 heroes (each with own abilities and capabilities), fighting terrifying monsters as they look for the legendary animal of title. Local co-op play is likewise supported.

Tunche statement trailer.

Cyber Shadow, the exceptionally appealing sci-fi ninja platformer from Mechanical Head Studios and publisher Yacht Club Games (of Shovel Knight popularity) is heading to Switch on 26th January. You’ll even have the ability to scan Shovel Knight amiibo figures to get some fairy help.

Cyber Shadow release date trailer.

Calico, the social sim in which gamers try to handle their own feline coffee shop – by discovering felines, and filling the structure with food, furnishings, and decors – is out today on Switch’s eShop.

Calico launch trailer.

Developer Ustwo’s cute expedition video game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is heading to Switch in spring 2021. This one simply released on PC and Apple Arcade, and is a beautiful thing, entrusting gamers with finishing a variety of feel-good, animal-themed pursuits as they rove around the vast Mediterranean island where Alba is investing her summertime.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure gameplay trailer.

Gnosia is a mix of solo social reduction video game and visual book that challenges gamers to talk with the diverse inhabits of a wandering spaceship in order to determine which of them, on any offering playthrough, is in fact a lethal alien in camouflage – and after that put them into “cold sleep”. It’s pertaining to Switch early next year.

Happy Game, on the other hand, is the current job from well known designer Amanita Design – the studio behind the similarity Samorost, Chuchel, and Botanicula. Amanita explains Happy Game as a “psychedelic scary” experience, and its tale of a young kid required to traverse his own headache world (and resolve puzzles along the method), looks delightfully troubling in its statement trailer. It’s pertaining to Switch in spring 2021.

Happy Game expose trailer.

Next up is long-awaited Super Meat Boy follow up Super Meat Boy Forever, which gets here on Switch as a “console launch unique”, on 23rd December. Which is next week!

Super Meat Boy Forever release date trailer.

There’s likewise a reward for puzzle fans, thanks to designer Capybara Games’ well-known Grindstone, which provides over 200 levels of homicidal beast matching, day-to-day leaderboard difficulties, and more. The iOS variation is a huge GamingOverpowered favourite, and now Switch owners can acquire it beginning with today.

Grindstone launch trailer.

Nintendo’s newest Indie World display ended with a number of rapid-fire release statements (Kosmokrats in March 2021, Hoa in April, Hazel Sky in March, and spring releases for Trash Sailors and Finding Paradise), together with one last surprise; smash-hit multiplayer social reduction video game Among Us is out on Switch today.

Among Us Switch launch trailer.