The tech demonstration of an unreleased The Simpsons video game has actually been found on a Dreamcast devkit.

The demonstration of The Simpsons Bug Squad was very first shared by DreamcasticChannel, and though it was gotten ready for Fox Interactive by Red Lemon Studio twenty years back, it was not commissioned.

While just a tech demonstration and doing not have both music, sound results, and any apparent gameplay, it looks incredible for a demonstration made twenty years back. The quick video sees you, as the titular bug, check out a cel-shaded performance of The Simpsons’ cooking area and lounge, preventing Homer’s feet as you go.

Here, take a peek (thanks, The Dreamcast Junkyard):

“Oh my! Not seen that for twenty years!” Red Lemon Studio co-founder, Andy Campbell, informed the channel after the video footage went live.
“We had a fantastic coder who had actually established a fantastic cell shading engine for DC. I understood Fox quite well, so this was a demonstration we developed and I pitched to them. We were never ever commissioned, so this was technically never ever a main title in advancement.

“This was a journey down memory lane. The tech was fantastic, established by a man call Rich Evans, fantastic coder. Bug Squad principle originated from Jamie Grant if I keep in mind. An excellent art group constructed the designs. The tech was likewise pitched as a production tool for the program itself. No video game made however.”