A reindeer, a yeti, and a candlestick breaker. 

Mediatonic has actually dropped a tweet exposing 4 brand-new upcoming outfits for Fall Guys.

Unlike its last expose – which revealed a tiny, small peek of Fall Guys’ brand new season 3 that barely informed us anything – this one shows the brand-new outfits in their complete splendor, a few of which boast a distinctly joyful style.

The tweet likewise teased that there will be more details about the video game – and perhaps the upcoming brand-new season – at The Game Awards later on today.

It’s been a number of months because Fall Guys’ 2nd season got here, bringing a middle ages flavour to its profoundly popular knockabout action, however designer Mediatonic likewise just recently shared its mid-season upgrade, presenting numerous enhancements, round variations, and a totally brand-new phase called Big Fans.

As Matt summed up at the time, both Season 2 and timeless rounds have actually been revitalized, and there’s a specific focus on middle ages infusions, consisting of spiky rollers and swinging scythes in hitherto familiar phases. Additionally, anticipate fruity surprises and gasp at Perfect Match’s brand-new hugely turning pole – which looks as humorous as it does suggest.