Home News HBO Max May Have A Harry Potter TV Series In The Works

HBO Max May Have A Harry Potter TV Series In The Works

HBO Max May Have A Harry Potter TV Series In The Works

After controling the worlds of literature, movie, and, to a degree, video gaming, the Harry Potter franchise might have its wand targeted at the little screen. If reports are to be thought, Warner Bros. might be establishing a live-action Harry Potter series for HBO Max. 

The Hollywood Reporter initially broke the news, declaring sources have actually notified them that HBO executives have actually been talking with prospective program authors to go over pitch concepts for what a Harry Potter TELEVISION series would appear like. Since these are early conferences, there’s no verification on what the program would require in regards to plot, cast, or its location within the fiction’s timeline. 

While this sounds interesting, HBO Max and Warner Bros. have actually rejected the presence of the program in a declaration to THR: “There are no Harry Potter series in advancement at the studio or on the streaming platform.” As IGN explains, nevertheless, “in advancement” suggests various things to various individuals, and spitballing concepts might not be thought about a part of active production. 

If this holds true, fans most likely have an excellent wait ahead of them prior to anything is set in stone. Still, offered the franchise’s sustaining appeal (in spite of the debate surrounding author, J.K. Rowling), it would shock precisely no individuals that Warner Bros. would be taking a look at a method to utilize the IP to reinforce the appeal of its growing streaming service. Do we get more of Harry and the gang, another story set throughout the Fantastic Beasts age, or something brand-new completely? More significantly, do we get the program prior to or after the much-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy introduces next year? Keeping an eye out for more updates seems like it’ll be an workout in, state it with me, continuous caution. 

What do you make from this news, and what would you desire in a Harry Potter TELEVISION program? Let us understand in the remarks! 

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter via IGN]


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