Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Cal Kestis might just rank 42/57 (up until now) in our list of extremely clinical character rankings, however that doesn’t imply he wouldn’t make a cool action figure. Hasbro plainly concurs given that it has actually revealed the Gaming Greats Cal Kestis Black Series action figure. If you’re a fan of Fallen Order, or simply desire an odd, particular homage revealing your combined enjoys of Star Wars, Shameless, Gotham, and whatever else Cal’s popular star appears in, this figure might be right up your street.

Cal stands at 6 inches and functions numerous points of expression for establishing some hot Jedi action presents. He’s accented with 2 lightsabers, both of the double-bladed and single range, his trip or pass away of an android, BD-1, and among those charming boglings. Cal likewise includes the Jedi holocron and an attachable hood for those minutes when he requires to be additional discreet or mystical. 

Much like the Gaming Greats Jango Fett figure, Cal Kestis is a GameStop unique. You can pre-order him now for $29.99. The figure is slated to appear on June 1.

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