Kingdom Hearts’ music has actually constantly been a wonderful part of the journey. With a rhythm/action video game set to debut in November, Square Enix is lastly exposing more details on what we can anticipate, and it currently seems an unique experience, where you relive a few of the series’ most renowned minutes by jamming to over 140 tracks. We just recently went hands-on with Melody of Memory and talked with the group behind to see how it was forming it. Here’s what we discovered.

The primary video game mode is called “World Tour,” which has you reviewing minutes and locations from all of the titles up through Kingdom Hearts III. In this mode, every world has a couple of tracks connected with it, and each track has 3 objectives. Players get stars by satisfying specific requirements for each objective, and a specific variety of stars is needed to open gates, which enable gamers to access brand-new locations. 

The video game is all in 3D, something that was an objective from the beginning. “We wished to recreate the initial appearance of the video game titles and bring that over,” states co-director Masanobu Suzui. The group constructed the video game from the ground up as a brand-new title to accommodate their vision, which likewise consisted of integrating the elegant action and narrative hook of the primary series. Square Enix went through painstaking information to make sure the opponents you deal with appearance not just how you keep in mind, however likewise move the exact same method. To battle back at them, you perform varied and melee attacks by syncing up with the beat, however don’t anticipate a huge toolbox of unique attacks; there is no capability system and leveling approximately get more effective is the level of the development.

In our hands-on time, the individuality of the 3D graphics actually separates this title from Theatrhythm. While the essentials stay in location – tapping some notes in time and holding others, the most significant modification can be found in that Sora and business will require to leap to strike some targets, including extra beats to each track. Based on our demonstration, there’s likewise not the various tune types like its Final Fantasy predecessor. It is still a rhythm video game at its core, so in spite of the distinctions, fans will likely discover themselves right in your home.


You will have some range in your celebration members, so you’re not simply playing utilizing Sora, Donald, and Goofy. As you advance through the World Tour mode, brand-new groups open. You can’t put together custom-made groups, however it will offer you some brand-new taste, like having a celebration of Birth By Sleep or 358/2 Days cast members. “Additionally, some Disney characters will look like visitor characters and periodically join your group in particular worlds, Suzui states. “In those scenarios, the Disney character will switch locations with among your set staff member, besides the leader. In basic, you’ll have the ability to play any world with the group of your option.”  

In addition to single-player alternatives, you can handle baddies with buddies by means of online and regional co-op, or contend versus them online for the leading ratings. We had an opportunity to play a few of the cooperative modes, and the manner in which opponents recuperate and forth in between the 2 gamers’ tracks offer an excellent experience. Unfortunately, both gamers do need to use the exact same trouble, which indicates that a professional and an amateur won’t have the ability to quickly sign up with forces.

You likewise won’t constantly be battling in field fights, as there is an immersive mode called “Memory Dive,” Suzui discusses: “For each track, well-known scenes connected to that music will play one after another in a series modified by Visual Works (Square Enix’s own CG motion picture production studio), so it’ll definitely be a reward unlike any other for Kingdom Hearts fans.” Looks like we’re in for rather a journey down memory lane. 

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