Due to COVID-19 and the work from house orders that generated from the continued spread of the viras on a worldwide scale, numerous TELEVISION programs and video games have actually seen a hold-up in their predicted releases. While the pandemic is still continuous, numerous residential or commercial properties are venturing back out into the world, consisting of Showtime’s brand-new Halo TELEVISION series. 

Starring Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief himself, the most recent live-action adjustment is back in production as validated in a brand-new Instagram post from the lead star. Not just that, however we have actually got our very first take a look at Master Chief’s helmet, though not in its complete magnificence: 

343’s Kiki Wolfkill previously described the Halo series as extremely character-driven, remarkable, and extremely high-budget. She likewise discussed that they are not cutting any corners for this task, going larger than they ever have previously. Wolfkill even compared their efforts to that of Game of Thrones. 

“We speak about Game of Thrones a lot in regards to scope, scale, and intricacy of relationships due to the fact that a great deal of the background of Halo is sort of political drama and it’s something that you discuss truly gently in the video games and see more deeply in a few of the other mediums. So in something like Game of Thrones, a few of that intricacy is intriguing.” 

She likewise jokingly included, “No incest is prepared at all of the program, if you resemble for that, you will not discover that here” when referencing the HBO series. 

According to the studio, the most recent Halo adjustment will follow the basic courses of the video games with a complete concentrate on the 26th-century dispute in between the Covenant and humankind. Showtime likewise exposed that it will “weave deeply drawn individual stories with action, experience, and a highly envisioned vision of the future.” 

The TELEVISION series is shooting its program in Budapest, Hungary. With Awake’s Kyle Killen and The Last Ship’s Steven Kane as the present showrunners, it will be intriguing to see how the group adjusts the Microsoft staple into this brand-new program. Though not the very first live-action adjustment, it might be precisely what Halo fans desire prior to 343 Industries’ Halo: Infinite, which is presently once again without a release date. 

We presently do not have a release date for the Halo TELEVISION series.