Microsoft has actually been teasing the upcoming project gameplay expose of Halo: Infinite, and Halo fans are taking pleasure in going full CSI on them.


The heading discovery seems Master Chief’s fit was last customized by Dr. Catherine Halsey on 9.9.2561 – 3 years after the occasions of Halo 5.

Redditor GamingHermit2k17 found the information in an Instagram teaser for Halo: Infinite.

Chiefs suit was last modified by halsey on the 9.9.2561 according to a new xbox teaser. Three years after halo 5. from r/halo

For the unaware, Halsey is the troublesome developer of the Spartan 2 Program and the Mjolnir armour the Spartans wear (she abducted kids to be developed into extremely soldiers).

She’s still knocking about, then, a minimum of 3 years after the occasions of Halo 5. In that video game, Master Chief is reunited with Halsey, who I presume has a good opportunity of playing an atrocious function in Infinite.

As we understand from previous trailers, Infinite starts with a pilot finding Master Chief drifting in area near a mystical Halo ring. The brand-new style of chief’s armour is more in-line with what we saw in Halo 2 and Halo 3, than in Halo 4 and 5.

Speaking of Master Chief’s armour, gamers are having a close take a look at the brand-new style, which has actually been revealed just recently in brand-new teasers.

A closer look at Chief’s Halo Infinite armor. from r/halo

An extremely close appearance, in fact.

Master Chief 2012 vs Master Chief 2020 from r/halo

Here’s Chief putting his helmet on:

New Halo Infinite clip showing Mjolnir’s helmet from inside from r/halo

Earlier this month, Halo fans got a good quantity of Infinite details from a not likely source: Mega Bloks. It exposed the Banished from Halo Wars 2 as an opponent faction, and meant some essential story information.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X computer game expose is set for 5pm tomorrow, 23rd July. Not long now.