It’s Thanksgiving in the United States and Supergiant Games is wanting fans a pleased vacation with the head chef from Hades himself. Is this news? No, however it’s quite apparent that we here at Game Informer have actually been slightly consumed with video game, and this was too charming not to share. 

The studio required to Twitter to want a pleased vacation to fans by stating, “The Head Chef of the House of Hades discovered something called a ‘Thanksgiving’ today, time to break out the elegant flatware.” 

For those that have not played Hades, it’s a lovely roguelite that took the video gaming world by shop. It’s even up for Game of the Year for 2020’s Game Awards reveal dropping next month. 

Filled with Greek folklore legends in a spectacular art design, this experience has actually  recorded the hearts of numerous; even those that do not generally like this type of video game. 

We could not get enought of Supergiant’s brand-new video game. Our own Matt Miller offered the experience an 8.5, stating “The story is extended throughout a lot of hours of play to preserve enjoyment throughout, however there’s definitely an abundant bounty of material to discover along the method. Hades is an enormous video game, with a wealth of extra material to calm even the most hardcore of engagement. A “god mode” provides a steady boost in damage resistance after each death, putting success in reach for even those with a cap on their abilities. On the other hand, risk-takers trying to find more benefits can ultimately access a method to increase the problem. Alternate manager battles, brand-new weapon elements, concealed stories, and plenty more welcome the gamer to get lost in Hades’ possible. These versions and extra alternatives offer life to the video game, long after the appeal of basic conclusion efforts starts to wear.”

For those commemorating today, we hope you have a terrific and safe vacation.