Home Previews Grounded Preview – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Yard…

Grounded Preview – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Yard…

Grounded Preview – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Yard…

Obsidian Entertainment has actually kept its pledge up until now of utilizing feedback concerning Grounded to make the video game a much better experience. Since it struck Xbox Game Preview back in July, the group has actually included brand-new locations to check out in the yard, a brand-new zipline travel, and a terrifying encounter versus a (relatively) huge crow. Its most current upgrade is the greatest one yet, including a koi pond and its terrifying fishy homeowner. Players who pick to check out the pond’s depths do so at their own hazard, thanks to its patrolling koi and, sadly, the brand-new diving-bell spider. 

“The koi pond was developed in November of in 2015, so that’s how far ahead of time we were prepping this,” states video game director Adam Brennecke. “We constantly understood we desired a koi pond. We were developing and talking about what we might do with this location and make it cool. We made a huge list of the number of animals might exist in this location, and among them was the diving-bell spider.” That real-life animal has an exceptional practice of protecting air bubbles so that it can breathe while searching for victim undersea. “We resembled, ‘Yep, that a person’s on the list,’ even if we understood, even at that phase, how cool spiders remained in the video game and how frightening they were, and we simply wished to broaden on that.” 

The koi itself isn’t precisely something that slides around a gorgeous rural water function. For one, the pond, like the rest of Grounded’s back-yard setting, has actually participated in a state of overlook. The water is dirty and foul-looking, that makes it simple to get amazed by any variety of water-based animals. “We’ve all seen those koi fish that are the huge badasses in the pond, and they look so gnarly, like they’ve existed permanently,” Brennecke states. “They’re all scraped up. That’s what we wished to make clear; this thing’s been here for a long period of time, and it essentially owns this location. This is the koi’s grass. This animal owns this location, and you’re simply a little speck in it.”

The big wheel isn’t straight-out hostile to you, however it will end up being aggressive if you get too close or method particular locations within the pond. There’s a great chance you’ll discover among those areas as you check out, together with a number of other sights. An undersea laboratory offers some alluring brand-new narrative information, and your small character can discover things like toy dinosaurs and quarters around the pond.

Brennecke states this is the greatest upgrade that Grounded has actually gotten up until now, however that the group isn’t ready to stop considering methods to enhance its survival video game. Combat is getting some tuning, after early feedback suggested that component of the video game was too fixed. “We took an action back and we took a look at a great deal of video games with battle that we liked and evaluated them in depth, and something we discovered was we seemed like we didn’t have adequate animal attacks,” he states. “The spider, for instance, had 3 attacks. What if we included 3 more variations? What would that do? That’s type of what we’re doing today with all of our animals.”


The group is likewise taking a look at the principle of family pets, and how they may suit Grounded’s world. “We wish to have the family pet aphid, for instance, where you can have that aphid and it follows you around and you can call it,” Brennecke states. “These are all simply concepts today on paper. I believe that’s something where we truly wish to have that experience of having something that you can look after. I believe that’s the objective of that.”

They’re not family pets, per se, however Brennecke states his group is searching for manner ins which gamers might connect with the video game’s ants in more fascinating methods. “I believe that’s an actually cool thing that we wish to check out, of having methods of making ants be managed by the gamer and you can have the ants do particular things. … I believe when the gamer can connect with that layer of the A.I., I believe there are going to be a great deal of cool chances for us as video game designers however I believe the gamers will take pleasure in that, too.”

Brennecke states his group has actually grown to include a number of engineers to assist with including the Xbox Series X/S. Those brand-new consoles are diminishing load times and likewise improving the total framerate and gameplay responsiveness. Those works with aside, Brennecke states he wishes to keep the little size of his group. “Overall, the group is the exact same size and we’re going to continue to make cool things. We have lots of concepts, and we simply hope we have adequate time to get those functions in and make them shine.” 


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