An excellent set of speakers can actually make the music you listen to and video games you dip into your computer system come alive. Here are our choices for the very best computer system speakers of 2020, consisting of a variety of powered alternatives from £50 to £600 that need no extra devices.

Each suggestion here appropriates for usage with laptop computers and desktop PCs, and both the high-end and mid-range choices likewise consist of Bluetooth and optical inputs to deal with video games consoles, mobile phones and tablets too.

For the functions of this post, a budget plan speaker is under £50/$50, a mid-range speaker is around £100/$100 and a high-end speaker is sub-£250/$250. We’ve likewise chose a premium alternative at around £600/$600. Of course, it’s possible to invest hundreds or perhaps thousands on all type of speakers and sound bars; these meanings are a shorthand for this post alone instead of an industry-wide requirement. If you wish to invest more, do not hesitate to do your own research study on the numerous alternatives readily available and discover the speaker that fits your requirements!

Without more ado, let’s enter into the suggestions.

Best spending plan computer system speakers: Creative Pebble Plus

The finest low-cost computer system speakers we have actually attempted are the Creative Pebble Plus. These speakers can be had for less than £50, making them a budget friendly addition for any PC video gaming setup, yet they supply remarkably excellent audio with complete bass thanks to their devoted subwoofer. These aren’t the loudest speakers on the planet, or perhaps at this rate variety, however they offset it by keeping distortion to a minimum and supplying a great level of clearness. The speakers are little too, making sure there’s sufficient desk area area left over for your preferred mouse pad and among the very best video gaming keyboards. Spending a little bit more will get you a considerably much better experience, however if you’re on a restricted spending plan these are an excellent option.

In the UK, the older Creative A250 is likewise an excellent shout at around £26, however we could not discover these (at a sensible rate) in the United States.

Best mid-range computer system speakers: Creative T100


The recently-released Creative T100 are our 2nd choice, controling the £100ish classification thanks to their long function list, terrific audio quality and hassle-free remote. Connectivity is a strength here, with alternatives for optical (S/PDIF), 3.5mm and Bluetooth (helped by NFC pairing). We checked them with a smart device linked through Bluetooth, a PC through optical and a record gamer through 3.5mm, all of which worked perfectly. A USB input is likewise offered, if you wish to play music straight on the speakers without requirement for a source gadget.

In regards to sound quality, the absence of a subwoofer does imply you’re losing out on a little low-end zest, even with the bass ports on the back. However, this minimal variety is offseted by the exceptional clearness offered by the T100s. Mids and highs are well replicated with abundant tones. Overall, a strong alternative at this rate point if connection and benefit are very important to you.

If you’d choose something that fits a more overtly player visual, then the Logitech G560 is a 2.1 system with RGB lighting at around the exact same rate variety.

Best high-end computer system speakers: Edifier R2000DB


Next up we have a set of powered bookshelf speakers that work effectively as computer system speakers too, although their bigger stature (174×289×252mm) suggests they aren’t ideal for smaller sized desks. The Edifier R2000DB are differentiated by their tidy appearances, large stereo imaging and evenly exceptional audio recreation from lows to highs and mids. Bass is tight and regulated, while high end tones are nice and crisp.

The Edifier R2000DB include Bluetooth, optical and two 3.5mm inputs, providing plenty of interfaces to keep all of your devices connected at once, plus a (fiddly) remote control to make sense of it all.

Altogether, it’s a compelling package at a very reasonable price point. If you can’t stretch to the R2000DB, check out the slightly cheaper Presonus E4.5.

Best premium computer speakers: Edifier S3000PRO


If you’re looking to spend even more, another set of Edifier speakers could be a good choice. The Edifier S3000PRO are larger (232x356x268mm), relegating them to use on large desks, TV consoles or robust stands, but the increase to the amount of air these speakers can move is substantial. That particularly manifests itself in terms of bass, where the speakers provide thundering yet regulated low-frequency tones which makes cinematic moments in games (or indeed, in film) enrapturing. The use of a well-tuned planar tweeter ensures higher frequency notes also sound great, while mid-range tones are also well represented with good amounts of detail. Overall, these speakers deliver exceptional audio quality, which is what you’d hope given their £569 price point.

Despite the increase in (physical) volume, these active speakers retain the easy usability of the R2000DB, with convenient coaxial, balance, USB (up to 24/192kHz), Bluetooth 5.0 (w/ aptX) and optical inputs. All of these inputs can be selected using the provided remote control. Rather than being joined by a cable, the left speaker connects to the right one wirelessly, which makes it easy to position them – although both still need plugging into mains power. I didn’t run into any issues with the wireless connection, but it would have been great to have this an option regardless.

Overall, we were incredible impressed with the S3000PRO in our testing. Given their sound and their versatility, that makes them very easy to recommend if your budget does stretch to that nearly £600 mark.

Frequently asked questions

What about more expensive speakers?

There are many resources online for speaker recommendations at all rate ranges; we particularly recommend Head-Fi and BudgetAudiophile. Of course, we’re open to reviewing more expensive options too; stay tuned!

What are the best speakers for competitive gaming?

For competitive gaming, we recommend sticking with headphones as these provide better clarity, imaging and noise isolation. We have a selection of the best gaming headphones in 2020 right here.

What are the best RGB speakers?

Probably the Razer Nommo Pro, however RGB really isn’t necessary for audio equipment.

Why only three choices?

We’ve just started – stay tuned for new suggestions as we have time to evaluate them!