Developer Ion Lands’ remarkable Blade Runner-esque shipment thriller Cloudpunk is currently an outright delight to meander around, thanks to its beautifully created open-world play ground – a huge rain-slicked sci-fi city shrouded in unlimited night – however, from today, PC gamers can appreciate its neon-streaked, voxel-based splendour while gazing out the window of their flying HOVA vehicles, thanks to a brand-new first-person cockpit upgrade.

Cloudpunk, if you have actually not yet had the satisfaction, casts gamers as lead character Rania as she tries to endure her very first 24 hr in the constantly sodden city of Nivalis, finishing tasks – mostly by zipping backward and forward through the night sky, transporting plans and guests around the location – at the wish of illegal shipment business Cloudpunk.

Before long Rania and Cloudpunk’s tremendously likeable cast of characters – including her faithful AI buddy pet dog Camus – discovers themselves involved in appropriately interesting secret, and while the occurring experience may be a little minor (there’s very little to do in the city beyond the primary plot), careening nippily around that spectacular cityscape is a continuous pleasure.

As such, I’ve been really thrilled to get my hands on Cloudpunk’s first-person flight upgrade (which follows the intro of first-person on-foot traversal previously this year) since it was teased back in September, and if Ion Lands’ synth-infused update trailer is anything to pass, with its cockpit view stroking and careening, it’s been well worth the wait.

Ion Lands hasn’t stopped at first-person flying, though; along with numerous efficiency enhancements and level style tweaks, the designer has actually likewise provided Rania’s home a little bit of an improve, and gamers can now engage with basically all the home furnishings buyable throughout Cloudpunk’s experience – munching on pizza, playing a game classic on their huge TELEVISION screen, and more in their virtual house.

Cloudpunk’s cockpit upgrade is out now on PC (there’s no word on a console release yet), and Ion Lands states its other formerly teased brand-new functions – consisting of a significant story upgrade with brand-new and returning characters, a car fitter, and optional racing – are still en route. “These will take us longer to establish,” it keeps in mind, “[but] it’ll resemble a 2nd video game.”

And if you have actually been on the fence about a Cloudpunk purchase, there’s presently a 33% discount on Steam, bringing the rate to £11.38 for the next couple of days.