“Unfortunately the save is harmed and can’t be recuperated.”

In the current of a long list of problems, reports are now can be found in that Cyberpunk 2077 save files are ending up being completely damaged for gamers if they surpass 8MB in size.

Though at first reported as impacting video games throughout all platforms, some now recommend it’s simply a PC problem. However, without verification from designer CD Projekt Red in either case, gamers have actually been encouraged to “keep a lower quantity of products and crafting products”.

In a reaction published on the GOG website, CDPR has actually validated that when damaged, there’s no chance to recuperate the conserve, so it suggests you keep “a lower quantity of products and crafting products”.

“Unfortunately the conserve is harmed and can’t be recuperated. Please utilize an older save file to continue playing and attempt to keep a lower quantity of products and crafting products,” the message stated.

“If you have actually utilized the product duplication problem, please load a conserve file not impacted by it.”

The message closes on stating that while conserve file size limitation “may be increased” in a future spot, the “damaged files will stay that method”.

Can Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One be conserved? It’s the GamingOverpowered next-gen news cast!

As we have actually reported over the weeks considering that Cyberpunk 2077 introduced, CD Projekt’s shares plunged after evaluations of the video game recommended Cyberpunk might not wind up with a sky-high metascore. While the PC variation of Cyberpunk has a 87 metascore on Metacritic, the PS4 and Xbox One variations stands at 55. User ratings are 7.2, 3.2, and 4.4 respectively.

CD Projekt managers have actually informed personnel they will get their complete benefits in spite of Cyberpunk 2077’s buggy launch. Executives apparently have actually taken duty for the state of the video game at release.

CD Projekt has actually likewise come under fire for its usage of crunch throughout the advancement of Cyberpunk. In September 2020, CD Projekt informed workers it would need them to work six-day weeks up until the video game’s November launch (it was consequently postponed to December), breaking a previous guarantee not to require obligatory overtime to complete the job.