Gloomwood is an appealing survival scary / immersive sim I’ve been tracking in the back of my mind for a while now – and now I’ve seen its stock I’m a lot more fired up.

I understand, it’s simply a stock! But it’s quite creative – and not simply in a visual method, either. The physician’s bag is a practical things you put on the ground to utilize, and it lets you drag items you discover inside and beyond it for instant storage and usage.

In the video listed below, we see how this works. The gamer takes a piece of cheese out of the bag and chucks it at a window, sidetracking the opponent.

Objects you drag into your bag use up product slots in the Resident Evil stock design, so there’s stock management to think of. And another cool thing is turning the rack within the bag shows your equipped products, in addition to your secrets and gold.

As designer Dillon Rogers described on Twitter, there are some fascinating usages of this stock system. “You can dump a revolver, take the bullets out and toss it to sidetrack opponents,” Rodgers stated. “It’s going to be *ill* seeing what individuals finish with this.”

In the video listed below, Rodgers and co-developer David Szymanski go over the motivation and development of Gloomwood’s physician’s bag. It’s quite fascinating! The set discuss taking motivation from Resident Evil 4’s attache case and Arx Fatalis’ stock, which lets you can drag products inside and out of the video game world.

Gloomwood is one to watch. There’s a demonstration you can play now on Steam.