Here’s to you, BOT Connor.

An update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this week pulled bots from competitive matches – and now gamers are remembering them at their finest.

Prior to the 7th January upgrade, when a CS:GO gamer detached or was kicked they were changed by a bot to keep groups even.

Following the upgrade, gamers who detach or are begun traditional competitive and wingman modes will no longer be changed by a bot. This indicates there disappears 5v5 if a gamer leaves – groups will constantly be a gamer down. If the the whole other group leaves, one bot will be left on the other group, idling in generate.

Valve made the modification without description, leaving gamers scratching their heads at the thinking. One theory is the choice was made to prevent groups from kicking underperforming gamers in order to change them with a bot they would in turn have fun with after death, efficiently providing the leading fragger an additional life.

Some gamers highly disagree with the modification, stating it’s unreasonable to be confronted with a 4v5 match due to the fact that a colleague arbitrarily detaches or deserts the match at the start of a round.

As the CS:GO neighborhood gets to grips with this modification, gamers have actually hung out keeping in mind bots from current years. Redditor thefolenangel required to the CS:GO sub to begin a thread for gamers to state their preferred bot memories – and there are some classics therein. Here’s a bit of clips of CS:GO bots doing business – or simply doing odd things:

So! Here’s to you, BOT Connor. And you, BOT Brad. And you, BOT Vladimir. We’ll always remember you.