Genshin Impact gets its very first huge upgrade in November, designer miHoYo has actually revealed.

The 1.1 upgrade, called A New Star Approaches, comes out 11th November 2020 on PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4, and includes brand-new stories, characters, a seasonal occasion and a track record system to the breakout free-to-play open world action RPG.

Meanwhile, miHoYo validated Genshin Impact will be playable on PlayStation 5 through in reverse compatibility, with “better graphics” and quicker load times.

The 1.1 upgrade includes a series of brand name brand-new missions, consisting of the grand ending to the Liyue chapter of the primary story. Four brand-new playable characters are included, consisting of 2 luxury characters: Childe and Zhongli.

Childe is a Hydro archer who can change in between melee and varied fight modes.

Zhongli is a Geo polearm user who deals tremendous location of impact damage, has strong protective capabilities, and has the power to petrify his opponents.


The 2 brand-new four-star characters are Xinyan and Diona.


Genshin Impact’s initially seasonal occasion is called Unreconciled Stars. Here, gamers need to resist versus an unexpected disaster dealing with Teyvat. The two-week occasion consists of brand-new missions, brand-new co-op difficulties and brand-new benefits, such as the four-star character Fischl.

And lastly, there’s a brand name brand-new per-city track record system, which lets you develop your representative to unlock benefits and brand-new, region-exclusive products and customisations. New tools consist of a portable waypoint, portable range, treasure compass, and oculus resonance stones, which miHoYo stated will work for checking out, making it through, and fighting.

Genshin Impact is among the huge computer game hits of the year, regardless of just being out for simply over a month. According to experts, is the most significant worldwide launch of a Chinese video game ever. Writing for GamingOverpowered, Sayem Ahmed called Genshin Impact “a transformation for standard free-to-play”.

“It’s still early days for Genshin Impact, however it seems like we have actually participated in a brand-new period of gacha-style video games with AAA quality provided with no expense of entry,” Ahmed stated.

“Genshin Impact isn’t a juggernaut in the making – it’s currently here. The implications of its release are still uncertain for a video games market that’s starting to commonly diversify how video games are priced and launched, however something’s for particular. Genshin Impact is here to remain for a long period of time.”